Framework opens new warehouse in the Netherlands


Framework opens new warehouse in the Netherlands

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Framework opens new warehouse in the Netherlands

Framework, a technology company known for its commitment to transparency and customer-centric approach, has recently announced the opening of a new warehouse in the Netherlands. This strategic move is expected to significantly enhance the company’s logistics operations, particularly for customers in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK).

The decision to establish a warehouse in the Netherlands was not made overnight. It was the result of a meticulous process that involved finding the right partner, integrating the new facility with the company’s existing systems, and ensuring that inventory was in place. The company’s dedication to these tasks underscores its commitment to improving its services and meeting the needs of its customers.

Lower shipping costs

One of the immediate benefits of this new warehouse is the reduction in shipping costs. Customers in the EU can now enjoy shipping rates as low as €12, while those in the UK will only have to pay £10. This is a significant reduction from previous rates, and it is a direct result of the efficiencies gained from the new warehouse.

Framework modular laptops

However, it’s important to note that the new warehouse will not handle the shipment of new laptops. These will continue to be shipped from the company’s Taiwan warehouse. The Netherlands facility will primarily focus on the shipment of items from the Framework Marketplace, a platform that allows customers to purchase a variety of tech products.

Framework’s approach to shipping costs is in line with its overall philosophy of transparency and alignment of incentives. The company strives to charge as close as possible to the actual costs of picking, packing, and shipping out orders. This approach is a departure from the common practice of hiding shipping costs within product pricing or setting artificial free shipping thresholds to encourage customers to buy more.

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Instead, Framework empowers its customers to make informed decisions about how and when to group items into orders to maximize value. This approach not only fosters transparency but also allows the company to pass on any savings directly to the customer. The reduced shipping costs resulting from the new warehouse are a testament to this philosophy.

The opening of the new warehouse in the Netherlands is a significant milestone for Framework. It not only enhances the company’s logistics operations but also reinforces its commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. As the company continues to optimize its infrastructure, customers can look forward to more benefits and savings in the future.

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