Writing AI art DallE 3 prompts for beginners


Writing AI art DallE 3 prompts for beginners

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Over the last few weeks the AI art generation market has seen the introduction of OpenAI’s new DallE 3 AI art generator. If you have already been using the AI artist and wondering how to improve your creativity. This quick guide will provide a few ideas on how you can write DallE 3 prompts for better results. We will also take a look at how DallE 3 compares to other AI image generators such as Midjourney.

One of the main differences between DallE 3 and Midjourney is that the OpenAI version allows you to type prompts in a more conversational way. Where as Midjourney needs a little more technical skill to set up and requires using parameters to tweak the artistic result the best results.

Accessing DallE 3 is a straightforward process, thanks to its web-based interface. It is currently available via the Microsoft Bing Image Creator online website for free and is soon to be integrated into ChatGPT Plus offerings. To use DallE 3, users need to sign up for a Microsoft account. The process of creating images is similar to other image generators – users describe what they want to create, and the AI generates the image.

However, it’s worth noting that DallE 3 is currently experiencing high demand, which may cause some prompts to time out. Despite this, the AI image generator produces four images per prompt, which can be saved, downloaded, or customized through the Microsoft designer app.

Writing DallE 3 prompts to improve your creativity

When comparing DallE 3 with DallE 2, it’s clear that the new version is significantly improved. While DallE 3 does not currently have an extensive library like DallE 2, this is expected to be sorted out when the DallE 3 website fully launches.

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DallE 3 also holds its own when compared with Midjourney, version 5.2. Both have their strengths, but DallE 3 excels in object recognition and realistic placement, hyper-realistic images, portraits, fantasy and imagination, text generation, and pattern creation. The AI image generator can handle precise details and can fill in astonishing details with simple prompts.

However, there are differences in how the two handle long prompts. DallE 3 truncates prompts at 76 words, while Midjourney does not truncate prompts but may not pay attention to anything beyond 77 words. Despite this, DallE 3 has a larger knowledge base than Midjourney, which is currently training version 6.

Missing features

Despite its many strengths, DallE 3 does have some limitations. For instance, it has limited flexibility compared to Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, and it lacks the ability to change the aspect ratio or modify the image in a technical way. However, the images produced by DallE 3 are sophisticated and detailed, and the AI pays attention to prompts in a detailed way.

No need for Discord

One of the key advantages of DallE 3 is that it is a web-based option, eliminating the need for Discord. This makes it more accessible to a wider range of users, from beginners to more experienced users. DallE 3 represents a significant step forward in the field of AI image generators. Its capabilities in object recognition, realistic placement, hyper-realism, diversity, fantasy, text generation, pattern creation, and handling of long prompts are impressive, despite some limitations. As the technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate further improvements in DallE 3, making it an even more powerful tool for image generation.

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