Fitted-in Wardrobes: a Luxurious Decision for Your Room


Fitted-in Wardrobes: a Luxurious Decision for Your Room

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Fitted-in Wardrobes: a Luxurious Decision for Your Room

Fitted walk-in wardrobes are systems for storing different clothing and household items separately. The capacity allows you to sort things by categories to find them when needed quickly. The bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobes are developed individually for each client, considering clients’ needs. It includes various boxes, racks, sliding blocks, and other installations.

A walk-in wardrobe is a system for storing:

  • clothes;
  • shoes;
  • bed linen;
  • towels;
  • Tablecloths, etc.

You can enter the walk-in fitted wardrobe, choose the right clothes, iron them, etc., which allows you to successfully solve the issue of storing things in limited space while maintaining comfort, convenience, and compactness. A bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobe is an excellent solution for keeping your clothes and shoes in the ideal space arrangement.

Why are fitted walk-in wardrobes becoming so popular?

A fitted walk-in wardrobe is a permanent attribute of all modern luxurious houses. The reason for this is the large number of advantages of fitted walk-in wardrobes. They allow:

  • Carefully store all clothes, shoes, bedding;
  • Organise the interior space of the fitted walk-in wardrobe. Inside, everything will always hang in its place;
  • Do not use additional storerooms in other rooms because you can arrange everything you need neatly in the fitted walk-in wardrobe.

A custom-made fitted walk-in wardrobe is made, considering all the room’s features. This allows it to harmoniously fit into a large house and an apartment with a standard layout.

What should be considered when planning a fitted walk-in wardrobe?

For a custom-made wardrobe to be as functional and practical as possible, consider the following points when planning it:

  • Usage. The interior arrangement of the fitted walk-in wardrobe depends on what you plan to store there. For example, you will need bars for outerwear, shelves for other clothes, shoe boxes, and drawers for underwear.
  • Room size. It is easy to arrange a fitted walk-in wardrobe in a large room. It is more difficult, but still possible, to do it in a small space. You can cope with this task by allocating a corner for this or using a niche.
  • The presence of an “island”. Fitted walk-in wardrobes with an “island” are becoming very popular. An “island” can be performed by a chest of drawers, a pouf, a showcase, or a structure with shelves installed in the central part of the dressing room. Things that are used every day are usually kept here.
  • Mirrors. You can visually increase the space in the fitted walk-in wardrobe with the help of mirrors.
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For proper planning, you should contact professionals and clearly explain what you want to have.

What elements can a fitted walk-in wardrobe consist of?

Furniture for a fitted walk-in wardrobe is characterised by various elements, the number, and format selected individually for each customer. To use the space in the room as productively as possible, it is essential to immediately decide what blocks it will consist of and how to arrange them. A custom-made fitted walk-in wardrobe can have the following elements:

  • Bars for shoulders (additionally pantograph);
  • Drawers and shelves;
  • Blocks for shoes (closed and open boxes);
  • Shelves for clothes and bed linen;
  • Containers and baskets for laundry;
  • Holders for various accessories.

The price of a fitted walk-in wardrobe system depends on many factors, including its size and format, the number of elements, and design. Each customer can get a bespoke fitted walk-in wardrobe, which will be created for him following the available budget and other wishes.

Types of fitted walk-in wardrobes

Depending on the size, fitted walk-in wardrobes are divided into wardrobe systems and cabinet wardrobes. They also differ in design and shape. The fitted walk-in wardrobe can be designed for:

  • Basic things. Only for clothes, shoes and accessories.
  • General use. If there is enough space in the dressing room, you can store bed linen, towels, tablecloths, suitcases, etc.

According to the form of execution and features of the location, fitted walk-in wardrobes can be:

  • Angular. They occupy the space between two adjacent walls. They usually consist of shelves and racks. You can install a corner-fitted walk-in wardrobe in almost any room.
  • U-shaped. This is the most spacious wardrobe. It is ideal for extended and large rooms.
  • Linear wardrobes are located near one wall.
  • Parallel. Such fitted walk-in wardrobes have a passage between two lines of racks and shelves.
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Custom-made fitted walk-in wardrobes are ideal for those seeking to combine practicality and beauty. Convenient drawers, ergonomic hangers, and intelligently located built-in shelves help rationally organise space, saving time searching for necessary things. The choice of materials and design is up to you – it can be a stunning art object or an invisible integrated element that will emphasise your interior. As a result, a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics will help create a space where all your things will find their place, and the design will express your uniqueness.


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