Understanding the Importance of Orthodontic Retainers


Understanding the Importance of Orthodontic Retainers

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Understanding the Importance of Orthodontic Retainers


Are you excited to remove your braces? If you are close to removing it, congratulations on your milestone. But, it is not the end. After wearing your braces for a long period, you still have to wear retainers to maintain your teeth. It’s an important part of preserving the result and avoiding the chance of having it back to what it is before braces.

In this article, we will delve into why it is important to wear retainers and why you need to follow the instruction for wearing them. 

What are Retainers?

Orthodontic retainers are important for keeping a beautiful, healthy smile for a long time. Dentists often use retainers as a dental devices to ensure the teeth stay in their new positions after getting orthodontic treatment with braces or another way. There are two (2) types of retainers; one is fixed, and one is removable. Your orthodontist will ask you to choose between the two after they remove your braces.

Many people choose to have removable retainers because they can remove them when eating or brushing their teeth which is convenient and practical. On the other hand, fixed retainers have thin wires bonded to the back of the teeth to permanently place them to retain the new shape of your teeth. Although fixed retainers seem convenient, many people say it makes them uncomfortable.

Importance of Wearing Retainers After Braces

The retention process is a crucial part of the treatment. Wearing retainers can help your teeth. Retainers act as a pressure to make your teeth stay the same and avoid having them back to their original placement. Your teeth, gums, and even your bones will need time to heal and to hold back their new form and placement. Consistently wearing retainers helps protect the investment made in orthodontic treatment and ensures long-lasting results.

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In terms of how long you should wear it, it depends upon the person. In most cases, your orthodontist will recommend you wear retainers consistently and full-time for at least a month after they remove your braces. After some time, it will gradually shift to wearing it at least a few hours a day or night. Don’t worry; retainers are not painful to wear. It might be made you a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but it will not last long.

Keeping in touch with your orthodontist is important in this retaining process. Kumra Orthodontics, an orthodontist in Woodbridge, VA, can give you special advice on maintaining your retainers. Remember, choosing a great orthodontist is a great factor in having a beautiful smile.

How to Take Care of Retainers?

Like any other devices you put inside your mouth, retainers should be cleaned and cared for. Don’t worry; it’s not that hard to maintain. Unlike braces, you can easily maintain your retainers. Here are some tips to help you.

Regular Cleaning

As you put retainers in your mouth, it’s important to clean them to avoid problems such as germs and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum diseases. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your retainers. Gently brush it so you won’t damage it. You can easily ask your orthodontist to give you a new set in case of damage.

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Some people made the mistake of using chemicals to clean their retainers. Some even use mouthwash to clean them, but you don’t need to do that. You can just clean it with water other than using expensive yet harsh chemicals. In addition, do not use hot water to clean it because it might damage the retainer.

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Handle It With Care

Remember, retainers are thin wires; you should always handle them carefully to avoid damaging them. Some people handled it a bit harshly, causing the retainers to bend. 

Keep Them Moist Free

If you are not using your retainer, store it in a clean container to avoid having moisture or germs on it. Moist can cause bacterial growth that can go into your mouth. Bacteria can cause much damage, such as cardiovascular diseases and dental problems. Imagine having those bacteria inside your bloodstream, and it spreads throughout your body. We don’t want them, don’t we?

Remember, you are responsible for your retainers, especially if you picked the removable ones. We put retainers inside our mouths so we must always keep them clean.


The retaining process is a crucial part of the active treatment of straightening your teeth. These special devices keep your teeth aligned while it is in their healing process. There are types of retainers you can choose from, but remember that both have their pros and cons, and both should be taken care of responsibly by you. Remember, a confident smile is a priceless asset that opens doors and brightens lives. Embrace the importance of wearing retainers, and let your radiant smile light up the world!

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