AMD acquiring open source AI software


AMD acquiring open source AI software

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In a significant move to bolster its AI software capabilities, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced plans to acquire This acquisition is set to accelerate the deployment of AI solutions optimized for AMD’s various processors and graphics processing units (GPUs), marking a significant step forward in AMD’s AI growth strategy.

The acquisition of by AMD is a strategic move that aligns with the company’s focus on an open software ecosystem. This approach simplifies entry for customers, making it easier for them to leverage the power of AI in their operations. The acquisition is expected to significantly improve AMD’s ability to provide AI customers with open software for easy deployment of high-performance AI models, according to Vamsi Boppana, SVP, Artificial Intelligence Group at AMD.

Nod.AI is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems company that provides key enabling open source technologies for future A.I systems using advanced compiler based approaches (instead of legacy handwritten kernels).  They created the SHARK Machine Learning Distribution that is built on LLVM, MLIR, OpenXLA’s IREE and’s tuning.

Open source AI’s role in this acquisition is pivotal. The team at has developed software technology that accelerates the deployment of AI solutions, making them more efficient and effective when run on AMD’s processors and GPUs. This technology is already widely used in the cloud, at the edge, and across a broad range of endpoint devices, demonstrating its versatility and robustness.

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The acquisition of by AMD also brings with it’s significant contributions to key AI repositories. As a primary maintainer and major contributor to AI repositories like SHARK, Torch-MLIR, and OpenXLA/IREE, has demonstrated its commitment to the open-source AI community. Anush Elangovan, co-founder and CEO of, stated that the company’s role in these repositories will be brought to a wider customer base on a global scale through the partnership with AMD.

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AMD acquiring Nod.AI’s delivery of optimized AI solutions to various clients is another key aspect of this acquisition. The company provides optimized AI solutions to top hyperscalers, enterprises, and startups. Its SHARK software reduces the need for manual optimization and deployment time for high-performance AI models across various platforms powered by AMD architectures. This capability will be a significant asset to AMD as it seeks to expand its open AI software capabilities.

AMD’s acquisition of is a strategic move that aligns with the company’s AI growth strategy. It will enhance AMD’s open AI software capabilities, accelerate the deployment of AI solutions optimized for AMD hardware, and bring’s significant contributions to AI repositories to a wider audience. This acquisition is a clear demonstration of AMD’s commitment to providing high-performance, open software solutions for AI deployment.

“At, we are a team of engineers focused on problem solving — quickly – and moving at pace in an industry of constant change to develop solutions for the next set of problems,” said Anush Elangovan, co-founder and CEO, “Our journey as a company has cemented our role as the primary maintainer and major contributor to some of the world’s most important AI repositories, including SHARK, Torch-MLIR and OpenXLA/IREE code generation technology. By joining forces with AMD, we will bring this expertise to a broader range of customers on a global scale.”

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