New Streamlabs Plugin for Loupedeck unveiled by Logitech G


New Streamlabs Plugin for Loupedeck unveiled by Logitech G

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Logitech G has unveiled a new Streamlabs Desktop Plugin for Loupedeck devices. This innovative plugin is designed to provide Streamlabs creators with enhanced control over their live streams and direct access to the Streamlabs Desktop software using Loupedeck devices.

Loupedeck devices are specialized consoles designed to augment the user experience of major software programs across various fields. These fields include photo, video and audio editing, design, and live streaming. The introduction of the Streamlabs Desktop Plugin is set to make Loupedeck Live and Live S the ultimate external controllers for Streamlabs users. This is achieved by allowing precise control over Streamlabs audio and customizable macro actions.

Dynamic mode makes the Live and Live S contextually aware, providing users with custom pre-set controls as they switch between programs. This feature is particularly useful for users who multitask across different software programs, as it allows for seamless transitions and efficient workflow.

Streamlabs Plugin for Loupedeck

The Streamlabs Desktop Plugin offers live streamers a range of capabilities. These include the ability to set up Scenes, Sources, Audio Sources, and Scene Collections. It also enables users to activate Streamlabs Desktop commands directly from their Loupedeck device. Furthermore, users can view the status of their live stream on the Loupedeck device and fine-tune live stream audio control in real time. These features provide users with a high level of control and flexibility, enhancing the overall live streaming experience.

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The Streamlabs Desktop Plugin is available on all new Loupedeck devices and is automatically installed with Software Update 5.8. This ensures that all users of new Loupedeck devices can benefit from the enhanced control and functionality that the plugin offers.

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In addition to the Streamlabs Desktop Plugin, the Loupedeck Marketplace features plugins for a variety of other platforms. These include Microsoft Teams, WinAudio, Bitfocus Companion, Microsoft PowerToys, MuteDeck for Zoom, Libre Hardware Monitor, and a Loupedeck AI Assistant. These plugins further expand users’ creative and streaming capabilities, making Loupedeck devices a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

The acquisition of Loupedeck by Logitech G has been a significant development in the tech industry. This acquisition has allowed Logitech G to expand its product range and offer users innovative solutions like the Streamlabs Desktop Plugin. This plugin is set to revolutionize the way Streamlabs creators control their live streams, offering them a level of control and flexibility that was previously unattainable.

The new Streamlabs Desktop Plugin for Loupedeck devices unveiled by Logitech G is a game-changer for Streamlabs creators. It offers enhanced control over live streams, direct access to the Streamlabs Desktop software, and a range of other features that make Loupedeck Live and Live S the ultimate external controllers for Streamlabs users. With the availability of this plugin on all new Loupedeck devices and the range of other plugins available on the Loupedeck Marketplace, users are set to experience a new level of efficiency and control in their creative and streaming endeavors.

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