5 Essential Tips for Choosing Phone Cases That Delight Pet Lovers


5 Essential Tips for Choosing Phone Cases That Delight Pet Lovers

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As a devoted pet lover, you know furry companions bring so much joy to your life. You likely see your dog or cat as a beloved family member. So, when choosing accessories for your smartphone, you want options that allow you to express your love for animals while keeping your device safe.

This article will explore the five most essential tips for pet owners when selecting phone cases. Whether you have a cat, dog, small pet, or other animal, it’ll cover what features to look for in custom pet phone cases and more.

Following these tips, you can find the perfect case to show off your pet pride and protect your smartphone.

1. Consider a Custom Pet Phone Case

Nothing quite expresses your passion for pets like featuring a photo of your furry friend on your phone case. 

When choosing a custom pet phone case, you’ll want to select a retailer that allows high-quality, full-bleed images without borders obstructing the cute shot of your pet.

Find vendors who let you upload photographs for personalized cases. Choose a clear, well-lit photo that showcases your pet’s personality. Pick a recent snapshot with a bright, playful expression.

Carefully select background colors and layouts to enhance your pet photo. Classic alternatives include solid colors or subtle textures that match your pet’s coat. For multi-pet households, try incorporating two or more smaller pet photos creatively arranged.

You might also write your pet’s name or a love message. Be sure to proofread text closely, as errors won’t be fixable later. Once you’ve perfected the design, order multiple cases to swap between phones or gift to other animal lovers.

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2. Prioritize Protection

Owning a pet has taught you the importance of safeguarding what you love. The same philosophy applies to choosing a phone case – protection should be the top priority. Consider how active your lifestyle is and how likely accidents may occur.

If you frequently take your phone to the dog park or on hiking trails, a rugged case is a must to prevent damage from drops, dirt, and moisture. Look for options made from shock-absorbent materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or polycarbonate capable of protecting against drops from at least 6 feet.

For less demanding users, a slim silicone or plastic case may suffice for daily use. However, these offer little protection from hard-surface drops. Always choose a case with higher bezels to protect screens from direct impact.

Don’t overlook water resistance. A submersible waterproof case is essential if you frequently use your phone near water. These utilize tight seals and reinforced port covers to keep moisture out. Water resistance is also valuable for rainy or humid environments.

3. Check Compatibility and Features  

Before purchasing, double-check that the case you want is compatible with your specific phone model. Manufacturers don’t always list every device variant, so confirming that dimensions, cut-outs, and button placement match up properly is wise.

Also, think about whether any special features could enhance your experience. For example, if you frequently take your phone to the dog park, an armband or lanyard attachment allows hands-free use. 

Do you love sharing pet photos online? Consider a case with integrated card slots for additional memory. These hold 2-4 SD/Micro SD cards without adding bulk.

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As someone who values battery life above all, an external battery case ensures you always have power on long walks or trips away. The extended lifespan provides peace of mind. Wireless charging is also convenient for nightstand use.

4. Consider Style as Well as Function

While the primary goal is safeguarding your device, choosing a stylish case makes you more likely to use it consistently. Look for designs subtly expressing your passion beyond just photos of pets.

Cases featuring leopard print, paw prints, or bone motifs allow pet pride to shine through. Textured grips provide a better in-hand feel than bare plastic and won’t slip from wet hands post-walk. 

Folio wallet cases serve double duty if you carry cash and cards frequently. For active lifestyles, bright neon colors ensure high visibility outside. Thin, lightweight options exist alongside bolder statement pieces.

Don’t be afraid to pick something bold that brings a smile. After all, pets delight with unconditional love and goofy personalities every day – so why not reflect that in your accessories?

This fun case shows off your playful spirit while protecting technology that is integral to modern life. The style should complement your personality as much as safeguard essential device features.

5. Compare Price and Quality

Phone cases range significantly from only a few dollars to $50. Generally, you do get what you pay for to an extent. Very inexpensive options may provide minimal protection or start degrading after light use.

Once you’ve narrowed down the styles that suit your needs, compare reviews from multiple retailers. Read about build quality, customer service, return policies, and warranties.

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Value differs depending on needs. A $20 case warrantied to last a year sees more use than a $10 one replaced twice. A $40 case serves no purpose if a $25 option meets your needs. Do thorough research factoring all elements to find the ideal balance between features, longevity, and affordability.


With these five essential tips, you can choose phone cases that protect your devices and express your love of animals.

Consider options like custom pet photos, rugged protection, compatibility, valuable features, and attractive styles that suit your taste and budget. With the proper case, you can show off your furry friend’s pride while keeping your smartphone safe from the dangers of daily use.

Now, get out there and find a case that will delight fellow animal lovers whenever they see your phone!

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