Microsoft & Activision deal approved by UK regulators


Microsoft & Activision deal approved by UK regulators

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The Microsoft & Activision deal has now received full approval from UK regulators, the news was announced today after an initial confirmation last month that the changes Microsoft had made were enough for the regulators.

Microsoft announced last month that it would sell Activision’s Cloud Streaming rights to Ubisoft and this allowed for the deal to be approved with the UK regulators.

As a result of this concession, the CMA agreed to look afresh at the deal and launched a new investigation in August. That investigation has completed today with the CMA clearing this narrower transaction.

The new deal will stop Microsoft from locking up competition in cloud gaming as this market takes off, preserving competitive prices and services for UK cloud gaming customers. It will allow Ubisoft to offer Activision’s content under any business model, including through multigame subscription services. It will also help to ensure that cloud gaming providers will be able to use non-Windows operating systems for Activision content, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The Microsoft & Activision deal is expected to be finally concluded before the end of 2023, ads soon as we get some details on exactly when it will be finalized, we will let you know.

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