Elgato Marketplace specifically designed for content creators


Elgato Marketplace specifically designed for content creators

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Elgato Marketplace specifically designed for content creators

The highly anticipated launch of Elgato’s Marketplace, a virtual platform specifically designed for content creators has arrived. This innovative platform, developed by Elgato, a brand of CORSAIR, offers a unique space where creators can find and utilize a wide array of digital assets such as plugins, graphics, and voice effects.

The Marketplace is not just a repository of digital assets, but a comprehensive platform that allows for customization and personalization of content. It offers thousands of free and premium products, including plugins for apps like Discord and Microsoft Teams, graphics from top designers, voice effects and sounds for podcasters, and video templates and transitions for YouTube editors. This vast variety of digital assets caters to the diverse needs of content creators, enabling them to enhance their content and engage their audience in more meaningful ways.

“A Marketplace account helps you get the most out of Elgato devices and apps. Personalize your hardware with plugins, designs, and voice effects. Skip the setup as assets install automatically to Stream Deck and Wave Link. Then view and manage your entire digital library all at once.”

One of the standout features of the Marketplace is its compatibility with popular apps like Wave Link and OBS Studio. This compatibility extends to Elgato devices like Stream Deck, allowing creators to customize their devices to suit their unique content creation needs. This seamless integration with popular apps and devices underscores Elgato’s commitment to providing a user-friendly platform that enhances the content creation process.

Marketplace for content creators

Elgato Digital Creator Marketplace

Elgato’s Marketplace is not a static platform but one that is poised for expansion. The company has plans to add new product types like video filters, voice changers, and AR effects in the future. This planned expansion demonstrates Elgato’s commitment to staying abreast of the evolving needs of content creators and providing them with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve.

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The platform also introduces a quick install feature for Stream Deck or Wave Link users. By creating a Marketplace account and linking their Elgato apps, users can benefit from the quick install feature that automatically syncs many asset types. This feature simplifies the process of integrating digital assets into their content creation workflow, saving creators valuable time and effort.

Elgato Marketplace

Beyond serving content creators, Elgato’s Marketplace also benefits community sellers, or “Makers”. The platform provides Makers with direct access to potential customers, allowing them to reach creators directly in the apps they use most. This direct access to potential customers opens up a world of opportunities for Makers, potentially reaching millions of customers. While Elgato is developing a full suite of product tools for Makers, there is already a vibrant Maker community contributing in Elgato’s Discord.

The launch of Elgato’s Marketplace marks a significant milestone in the digital content creation landscape. The platform’s wide variety of digital assets, compatibility with popular apps and devices, planned expansion, quick install feature, and benefits for Makers all contribute to its potential to revolutionize the content creation process. As the platform continues to evolve and expand, it is poised to become an indispensable tool for content creators and Makers alike.

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