How 3D Printing Can Offer a Solution to House Affordability


How 3D Printing Can Offer a Solution to House Affordability

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How 3D Printing Can Offer a Solution to House Affordability

For those entering into the housing market, sticker shock can be incredibly jarring. Housing affordability is something that people are talking about, not just here in the UK, but around the world. Even with the current drop in housing prices, it’s often not enough to consider the properties as affordable. Besides affordability being a factor, there is also a housing shortage, population growth, and less available social to contend with. It’s the perfect storm if you will, and it’s clear that solutions need to be found.

One rather interesting solution that could prove to be pivotal is 3D printing in housing construction. It’s innovative, it’s exciting, and perhaps best of all, it can make housing much more affordable.

3D Concrete Printers Open the Door to Possibilities

There have been plenty of innovations in the home building industry throughout the years, but concrete 3D printing has to be up there as one of the most exciting and frankly the most promising. There’s a sense that this technology is only just scratching the surface of what it will be capable of, giving people plenty to look forward to.

Concrete 3D printing uses are specialised so that home builders can print large modules. It uses Gantry prints and an ABB-controlled printhead and nozzle. Where it shines is how fast its cycle times are without any sacrifices made to quality and precision. If builders can essentially build a home much faster and with fewer issues, then it provides affordable housing solutions.

There Are Different Types of Printers to Choose From

Making the technology even more attractive is the fact that the construction industry can choose from different printers. This isn’t a one-size solution where the entire construction industry is expected to use the same tools. Instead, specific software, hardware and learning materials are provided so that the process is as cost-effective, smooth and fast as possible.

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Sustainability Also Factors into 3D Concrete Building

With so many people aware and deeply concerned about climate change, sustainability has now become a top priority. Concrete 3D printing isn’t just fast and more cost-affordable; it also drastically cuts back on waste. Waste in a company leads to a decrease in profits and often points to poor systems or manufacturing processes in place. With 3D concrete printing, exact measurements are possible, which means very little waste is created.

When you start to examine the materials used in the 3D printing process, you also see that traditionally poured concrete uses a lot more product than is technically needed. However, compare that to 3D concrete printing, which only uses the exact amount required.

Customisation Is Possible

What about builders or home buyers who want specific features built into their homes? Once again, 3D concrete printing can address the issue, as it can be tweaked and customised with little work required.

While 3D concrete printing still has plenty of ground to cover, it’s becoming clear that it could be the perfect solution to many housing issues right now and in the future.

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