Adobe Primrose interactive clothes capable of changing patterns


Adobe Primrose interactive clothes capable of changing patterns

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During  the Adobe Max 2023  conference and press event Adobe unveiled a number of unique project that is working on one of which is in the form of Project Primrose. a unique project that demonstrated how patterns can be changed on clothes. The groundbreaking innovations used in Project Primrose, have enabled Adobe to create  a digitally interactive dress that blurs the line between technology and fashion. This project, spearheaded by Christine Dierk, is a testament to the potential of flexible textile displays, turning clothes into creative canvases.

“Christine is a research scientist at Adobe, specializing in human-computer interaction (HCI) and contributing to hardware research initiatives. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley in 2020, where she was advised by Prof. Eric Paulos as part of the Hybrid Ecologies Lab. In 2014, she graduated from Elon University with a B.S. in Computer Science and Math.

One of the most exciting aspects of Project Primrose is the reconfigurable digital dress design. This means that the dress can change its pattern and design at the touch of a button. The dress is embedded with sensors that interact with the wearer and the environment, allowing for a truly dynamic and interactive fashion experience. This reconfigurability not only offers endless style possibilities but also reduces the need for multiple outfits, promoting sustainability in fashion.

Adobe Primrose interactive dress

The use of Adobe tools in fashion design is not new, but Project Primrose takes it to a whole new level. Adobe Firefly, After Effects, Stock, and Illustrator are used to create dynamic and interactive designs that can be displayed on the dress. These tools allow designers to create intricate patterns and animations, which can then be projected onto the fabric of the dress. This opens up a world of possibilities for designers, allowing them to experiment with different styles and designs without the need for physical materials.

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How does Project Primrose work?

Project Primrose is a unique concept that brings together the worlds of fashion and technology. The project, led by Christine Dierk, is a unique blend of creativity and innovation, offering infinite style possibilities. The interactive dress, capable of displaying content created with Adobe tools such as Firefly, After Effects, Stock, and Illustrator, is a testament to the potential of digital fashion design. Watch the video below to learn more about the  reflective light diffuser modules used in the project.

“Recent advances in smart materials have enabled displays to move beyond planar surfaces into the fabric of everyday life. We propose reflective light-diffuser modules for non-emissive flexible display systems. Our system leverages reflective-backed polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC), an electroactive material commonly used in smart window applications.

This low-power non-emissive material can be cut to any shape, and dynamically diffuses light. We present the design & fabrication of two exemplar artifacts, a canvas and a handbag, that use the reflective light-diffuser modules. We also describe our content authoring pipeline and interaction modalities. We hope this work inspires future designers of flexible displays.”

Reflective Light-Diffuser Modules

Project Primrose interactive dress

Animation of dress designs

The animation of dress designs is another fascinating feature of Project Primrose. Using Adobe After Effects, designers can create animations that can be displayed on the dress. This could range from subtle movements in the pattern to full-blown animated sequences. The ability to animate dress designs adds a new dimension to fashion, making it more engaging and interactive.

Embedded sensors for interaction

Project Primrose goes beyond just displaying digital designs. The dress is embedded with sensors that allow for interaction between the wearer and the dress. These sensors can detect movements and changes in the environment, allowing the dress to respond accordingly. This interaction adds a new level of personalization to fashion, as the dress can adapt to the wearer’s style and mood.

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The future of dynamic and interactive fashion

Project Primrose is a glimpse into the future of dynamic and interactive fashion. The project demonstrates the potential of flexible textile displays and the use of digital tools in fashion design. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovations like Project Primrose, where clothes become more than just a means of covering the body, but a canvas for creativity and personal expression. Project Primrose is a unique concept that is set to redefine the boundaries of fashion. By combining technology and fashion, it offers infinite style possibilities and a truly interactive experience. As we move forward, it will be exciting to see how this project influences the future of fashion design.

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