Enhance the beauty of your nails with an electric nail drill


Enhance the beauty of your nails with an electric nail drill

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Enhance the beauty of your nails with an electric nail drill

In this busy world, everyone wants to do nail care precisely, efficiently, and quickly. For this, the electric nail drill is the top-notch solution. This advanced tool acts as a game changer for professionals and nail care lovers, creating a storm in the beauty world.

So, hold your horses, scroll down, and explore amazing facts about this premium manicure tools!

Is Maryton Live up to Its Hype?

In 2010, Maryton was nestled in Xiamen, China. It offers remarkable and effective beauty products, making your life beautiful, better, and healthy. It is known for its top-notch quality and creativity, taking your nail care routine to the next level. Its nail care tools set contains a user guide and everything you need. People trust  Maryton because of its;

  • Skillful manufacturing 
  • Ten years of excellence
  • Top-rated reviews by all the customers
  • Incredible certifications and awards
  • Reliable and professional service team

Let’s Talk About Maryton’s Electric Nail Drill

Whether you are a professional, nail care lover, or beginner, Maryton Pro Nail Drill will always fulfill your needs. Its premium features and innovative design bring accuracy and precision to your nail care routine. 

It lets you perform versatile nail operations such as nail extension, manicure, acrylic, etc., without spending hours. What will you get when you buy this electric nail drill set?

  • 1x Control Box
  • 1x Handpiece fixture
  • 1x Headpiece
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 2x Nail bits
  • 1x Headpiece stand
  • 19x Sand bands

So, why wait? Turn your home into a nail salon today!

Specification of Maryton’s Electric Nail Drill

Let’s have a look at its notable specifications!

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Specifications  Details 
Brushless motor  12V
Battery life 8 hours
Charging time 3 hours
Input Voltage DC5V/2A, Type-c Port
Output Voltage 12.6V / 2000mA
Weight 275 grams
Size: 136 x 69 x 26(mm)
Delivery  3-7 days for US residents and 15-25 days for others. 
Shipping  Free 
Certifications  FCC, EMC, and ROHS
Return policy  15 days
Warranty  One-year 
Incredible services  Unlimited customer and technical support

Features of Maryton’s Electric Nail Drill

The exceptional features of Maryton’s electric nail drill include;

  1. Innovative Control Box

Its rechargeable and functional control box leaves you feeling astonished. Its noteworthy LCD screen and 1000-3000 RPM speed range help you in customization, giving you full control over the machine’s action.

  1. Portable and Convenient 

The electric nail drill is easy to use and portable, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere. It would become your travel companion as it can easily fit into your bag, suitcase, etc.

  1. Avant-Garde Handpiece Fixture

Say goodbye to fumbling! You can easily attach its handpiece fixture to the right/left side of the control box. The anti-skid accommodation keeps your handpiece in place and ensures steadiness. 

Rechargeable Control Box
  1. Secure Three-Pin Plug Attribute

Its three-pin plug feature prevents it from deteriorating. It pauses the drilling procedure automatically and has exceptional reverse and forward functionality, offering you full control over the operation and making it seamless and effortless.

  1. Cutting-Edge Brushless Motor

Its innovative brushless motor prevents you from heat and lapping, offering an effortless and pleasant experience. 

  1. Protective Shield 

Its shield ensures safety and keeps your working area clean. It also protects your respiratory tract/lungs from debris and nail dust.

  1. Defensive Aviation Connector
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It protects your nail drill from disconnecting from the control box. It ensures safety and never lets anything unpleasant happen to you. 

  1. Flawless Design 

The electric nail drill weighs about 165 grams. It offers a smooth, precise working experience and easily fits in your hand. It features;

  • Anti-slip hallmark
  • Stretchable cable with a length of two meters
  • Lock switch
  • Minimal/no vibration
  • Durable and high-quality material

So, get it today and say goodbye to tiresome nail care operations!

The Verdict

Maryton’s electric nail drill makes your investment of less than $200 worthwhile. It appears as an innovative gadget, offering top-notch nail care/manicure routine without waiting for hours. Its premium attributes let you do magic with your nails without stepping into a salon. 

What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner creativity and enhance your nail care routine now!

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