Fitness Competition Suit Color Psychology: Choosing Your Winning Shade


Fitness Competition Suit Color Psychology: Choosing Your Winning Shade

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Your Complete Guide to Choosing the Ideal Competition Bikini Color: From Color Chaos to Confident Decisions! While selecting the ideal color can be simple for some people, it can be confusing for others. Let’s discover how to choose the perfect competition bikini color for your momentous day in the spotlight! 

What Colors Have You Noticed and Inspired You?

Let’s set up your inspiration board before you go headfirst into the world of bikini color options. Take pictures of those gorgeous bikinis that have already captured your heart. Remember that when you see a color in person, it will likely delight you even more than it did on Instagram. So, gather those eye-catching images of your fellow athletes. Remember that a color dress that flatters you can also be a great guide. You can use it to determine which bikini color perfectly matches your eyes, hair, and personal style!

Few things you want to keep a tab on while choosing the color of your bikini:

Skin Tone: Evaluate your skin tone and know your undertones. You want to pick a color that is completely contrasting to your skin so it can stand out. Before finalizing your fitness bikini color, think about how your skin will look on stage. Remember, in the world of fitness competitions, your entire body will be bronzed to perfection for show. If you want a lighter color suit, it is important to make sure you have a super dark tan for the show day! 

Hair Color: Your hair color plays a very important role in deciding the color of your suit. If you have light or blonde hair color, do a darker contrast suit color like royal blue or deep purple. If you have a red or an orange tinge in your hair, you should choose the color opposite to it on the color wheel like emerald green or aqua blue.

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Eye Color: While this might not be a thing people consider during the decision-making for their suit color but can actually be a great detail that can help you stand out. If you are torn between say a fabulous green and a mesmerizing blue suit, I would suggest keeping in mind the color of your eyes to make the choice! Here’s a golden nugget of advice, if you have green eyes, go for a green suit and see them sparkle in harmony with your bikini on the stage!

Stage Lighting: Remember, under stage lighting, the fabric can change color, especially if it has a holographic effect. Once on stage, the material usually starts to lighten. In-person, maybe a fuchsia-colored suit can end up looking light pink. So choose carefully. 

The few colors that we think work very well on stage are Royal Blue, Pacific Blue, Purple, Holograph Green, and Eggplant Violet. These are safe color options that usually never ever go wrong on any body type and work very well with the lighting on stage.

We suggest choosing a fabric color that is a little darker if you’re unsure. A holographic or mermaid fabric is an additional option to think about. These materials reflect two hues and will tug one way or the other depending on the light. 

Stones play a big role – By reflecting off one another on stage or if there are multiple colors in the crystals, they can completely change the look and feel of a fitness bikini. The majority of athletes struggle to pick the ideal crystals. Picking crystals that will produce the desired effect is important to help you shine on stage. 

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Be open-minded when you’re picking stone colors. For example, if you choose a red suit with gold or blue crystals, the gold stone may turn brown when it is in contact with the red fabric, and the blue stone may take on a greenish shade. The color of the crystal and the fabric can either complement one another or completely alter colors for the worse depending on how they reflect off one another on stage. 

Ask the designers to set out various crystals in the fabric colors you’re interested in and lay them on the cloth whenever you decide to buy for your next fitness competition suit so you can see for yourself just what the color combination will look like. A better option could be to use AB stones. These stones have a covering that emits light in 2-3 various colors, giving the impression that they glitter more. 

But listen, the most important piece of advice is to buy the fitness bikini color that YOU want. It’s your day, so choose a fitness bikini that you adore and that will make you feel confident. Consult your coach about the color, crystals, connectors, and cut, but you should make the ultimate selection! The person who will rock your suit is you! 

If you are looking to buy a bikini suit for your next fitness competition, visit our website – competition suit shop Our experts will help you understand the right color for your next competition! 
And for more valuable insights on preparing for your figure and bikini competition, don’t forget to read our previous blog, ‘Figure and Bikini Competition Day Checklist.‘

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