Intel AI PC Acceleration Program launched


Intel AI PC Acceleration Program launched

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Intel has recently launched the AI PC Acceleration Program. This is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to expedite the development of artificial intelligence (AI) within the PC industry. The program is designed to connect a broad range of independent hardware and software vendors with Intel’s vast resources, including AI toolchains, co-engineering capabilities, hardware, design resources, technical expertise, and co-marketing opportunities.

The AI PC Acceleration Program’s primary goal is to maximize the performance of AI and machine learning applications, and accelerate the development of new use cases. Furthermore, it intends to connect the wider PC industry to the solutions emerging in the AI PC ecosystem. This program is an extension of the Intel Partner Alliance’s AI Accelerator Initiative, which engages over 1,000 independent software vendor partners to build, optimize, and deploy AI solutions from the edge through the cloud.

“Intel recognizes that software leadership is key to the AI PC experience, and we’re uniquely positioned to lead the industry with an open ecosystem approach. With a long history in AI development and a deep network of ISV engineering relationships, Intel will take an active role in fostering connections and innovations that propel new use cases and experiences on the PC,” said Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel.

Intel AI PC Acceleration Program

Intel AI PC Acceleration Program launched

The AI PC Acceleration Program’s resources are set to have a profound impact on the PC industry. They will allow vendors to enhance their software and hardware products, enabling them to deliver more value to their customers. By providing access to Intel’s engineering talent, the program will facilitate targeted software optimizations and tuning, and offer core development tools and software developer kits. Moreover, it will open up go-to-market opportunities, which will be instrumental in driving the adoption of AI-accelerated features across the PC industry.

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Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program is already working with over 100 independent software vendors on more than 300 AI-accelerated features. These features are set to enhance PC experiences across a range of applications, including audio effects, content creation, gaming, security, streaming, video collaboration, and more. This collaboration promises to bring a new level of sophistication to these applications, making them more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Among the partners of the AI PC Acceleration Program are industry-leading companies such as Adobe, Audacity, BlackMagic, BufferZone, CyberLink, DeepRender, Fortemedia, MAGIX, Rewind AI, Skylum, Topaz, VideoCom, Webex, Wondershare Filmora, XSplit, and Zoom. This impressive roster of partners indicates the level of interest and commitment from industry leaders to this initiative. Their involvement is expected to drive significant advancements in AI and machine learning applications, contributing to the broader evolution of the PC industry.

Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program represents a significant step forward in the development and deployment of AI within the PC industry. By providing a platform for collaboration and access to a wealth of resources, Intel is fostering an environment where innovation can thrive. The program is expected to accelerate the development of AI and machine learning applications, enhancing the capabilities of PC software and hardware, and delivering more value to users. As the program continues to grow, we can anticipate a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into our everyday PC experiences, driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation to new heights.

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