20 AI Tools that are completely free to use


20 AI Tools that are completely free to use

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If you think using the latest artificial intelligent (AI) needs to be expensive you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of AI tools available that you can use completely free. Many of which offer ongoing free trials allowing you to test out the features and benefits of these AI tools before you part with your hard earned cash. Below is a quick guide on 20 AI tools that are completely free to use allowing you to write books, images, summaries, analyze documents and more without spending any money.

Free AI tools are fantastic because they let everyone use and learn from advanced technology without paying a cent. This is great especially for small businesses or individuals who don’t have a lot of money but can really benefit from using AI tools. By being free, these tools make it fair for everyone to have a chance to use AI technology, not just those who can afford it. This means more people can try out AI, come up with new ideas, and help improve technology for everyone.

Also, there are many different free AI tools out there for different jobs—whether it’s editing pictures, summarising, writing better, or sorting out data. These tools can make tough jobs easier and save a lot of time by doing routine tasks quickly. This way, people can focus on more important or creative work.

AI tools that are free to use

Free AI tools are not just useful, but they are also a good way to learn. By using these tools, people can understand better what AI can and can’t do. This hands-on experience is really valuable for learning and can get more people interested in exploring AI further. Plus, many free AI tools are part of projects where everyone can chip in and help make the tool better. This way, the tools keep improving and the community of users and creators grows, helping each other out.

  • HayoAI (AI Dungeon): HayoAI’s AI Dungeon platform is an embodiment of interactive and personalized storytelling. By leveraging AI, it creates a text-based adventure game where the narrative is dynamically shaped by user input. Each decision made by the user leads to a unique path in the story, making every gameplay experience distinct. The AI’s capability to generate coherent and engaging narratives makes AI Dungeon an innovative platform for both gaming and interactive storytelling.
  • Tailor: Tailor serves as a hub for AI-curated podcasts and news, allowing users to delve into the latest trends and updates in their fields of interest. Through AI algorithms, Tailor personalizes the content, making the news feed and podcast channels well-suited to individual preferences. This level of customization enhances information consumption efficiency, providing a tailored learning and update experience for its users.
  • Text Blaze: Text Blaze is designed to boost productivity and efficiency in text entry tasks. It provides a suite of tools including snippets and templates that drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive typing. By creating predefined responses or phrases, users can ensure consistency across communications while speeding up the text entry process, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use.
  • SeaArt: SeaArt democratizes digital image creation through its free AI image generator. Users can effortlessly generate unique digital images for a variety of purposes without the necessity of advanced graphic design skills. SeaArt’s AI algorithms aid in creating visually appealing images, making it a handy tool for bloggers, marketers, and other digital creators.
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Learn more about  free AI tools in the video kindly created by HowtoAI to learn more about what is available and how you can use them.

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  • With a straightforward value proposition, utilizes AI to effortlessly extract subjects from images by removing the background. This is particularly useful for e-commerce, digital marketing, or any project requiring transparent-background images. The AI ensures a clean and precise background removal, saving users time and manual editing effort.
  • ChatGPT: ChatGPT by OpenAI is a sophisticated AI chatbot that has been trained on a vast range of internet text. It’s capable of engaging users in natural, conversational interactions, providing detailed responses to queries. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of use cases ranging from information retrieval to casual conversation, embodying a significant advancement in natural language processing and conversational AI.
  • Microsoft Designer: Microsoft Designer leverages AI to enhance the design process in document and presentation creation. By analyzing the content inputted by the user, it provides design suggestions that augment the visual appeal and professionalism of the output. This AI assistance streamlines the design process, making it easier for users to achieve a polished look in their documents and presentations.
  • GPTZero: GPTZero hints at leveraging AI for detection purposes, although the specifics are not elucidated on the landing page. By providing insights into AI-driven detection, it potentially serves as a platform for understanding and deploying AI in various detection-based applications.
  • BeforeSunset: BeforeSunset aims at boosting productivity through its suite of tools and insights for effective time and task management. While it’s not explicitly stated, it’s likely that AI plays a role in optimizing task allocation and time management, helping users to achieve better productivity and time-efficiency.
  • SciSummary: SciSummary is a boon for those needing to quickly understand scientific content. It employs AI to generate succinct summaries of scientific materials, enabling users to grasp the key points without sifting through extensive texts. This is particularly useful for researchers, students, or professionals who need to stay updated on scientific advancements efficiently.
  • Grammarly: Grammarly stands as a hallmark in the domain of AI-driven writing enhancement. By analyzing text for grammatical errors, clarity, tone, and more, it provides real-time suggestions that refine the writing process. Whether for professional correspondence, academic writing, or casual communication, Grammarly aids in producing polished and effective text.
  • Gamma: Gamma harnesses AI to facilitate the creation of visually appealing presentations. By analyzing the content provided, it suggests design elements and layouts that enhance the aesthetic and clarity of presentations. This AI-driven design assistance makes presentation creation a more streamlined and less daunting task.
  • PromptVibes: PromptVibes offers a repository of prompts for creative exploration. While the use of AI isn’t clear, it may assist in generating or organizing prompts, providing a resource for writers, educators, or anyone in need of creative inspiration.
  • Rizemail: Rizemail addresses the challenge of managing email overload through AI-driven summarization. By condensing the content of emails, it enables users to quickly grasp the essential information, making email management a less time-consuming task.
  • MagicWrite: MagicWrite serves as a free AI writer that facilitates content creation. It likely provides writing assistance through suggestions or automated text generation, aiding in the drafting process and helping users overcome writer’s block or time constraints.
  • DeepL: DeepL sets a high standard in the realm of AI translation with its high-quality translations between various languages. Known for its accuracy and natural language output, DeepL makes cross-language communication and content translation more accessible and reliable.
  • Canva: Canva, a multi-purpose design platform, may incorporate AI in some of its features to assist users in creating visually appealing designs with ease. It’s a comprehensive tool for graphic design, video editing, and more, making design accessible to individuals regardless of their skill level.
  • Replicate: Replicate offers a solution for image restoration, likely employing AI to enhance or recover details in damaged or low-quality images. This service is invaluable for preserving memories or improving visual content.
  • TinEye: TinEye serves as a reverse image search engine, aiding users in tracing the origin of images, detecting misuse, or discovering modified versions. This tool is useful for copyright verification, digital forensics, and other related applications.
  • DeepAI: DeepAI’s image colorization tool employs AI to add color to black and white images. By revitalizing old photos or enhancing visual content, this tool provides a simple solution to colorization tasks, making it easier to bring color to monochrome images.
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In short, free AI tools open up a lot of doors. They make it easy for anyone to use AI, learn from it, and even contribute to making AI better if the projects are open source and available to contribute to on GitHub. Although most of the free tools listed above to have paid subscriptions that you can upgrade to if you find them extremely useful.

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