NVIDIA AI arrives in Oracle Cloud Marketplace


NVIDIA AI arrives in Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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NVIDIA AI arrives in Oracle Cloud Marketplace

NVIDIA has this week announced that its artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now available for businesses in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The integration of NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing platform and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides a unique opportunity for enterprises to leverage high-performance computing and AI-oriented software for their development and deployment needs.

This development marks an industry first, with the addition of DGX Cloud and NVIDIA AI Enterprise to Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Enterprises now have the ability to train models on DGX Cloud and then deploy their applications on OCI using NVIDIA AI Enterprise. This seamless integration is a game-changer for businesses looking to incorporate AI into their operations.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

OCI customers can utilize their existing cloud credits to integrate NVIDIA’s AI supercomputing platform and software into their development and deployment pipelines. This means businesses can access cutting-edge AI technology without incurring additional costs, a significant advantage in today’s competitive market.

DGX Cloud offers OCI customers the ability to train models for generative AI applications. This includes intelligent chatbots, search functionalities, summarization, and content generation. This broad range of applications showcases the versatility and potential of the DGX Cloud platform.

One notable user of the DGX Cloud AI supercomputing instances on OCI is the University at Albany. They have incorporated this technology as part of their AI Plus initiative, demonstrating the platform’s potential in an academic setting.

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The enterprise offerings from NVIDIA brings the software layer of the NVIDIA AI platform to OCI. This includes NVIDIA NeMo frameworks, NVIDIA RAPIDS for data science, NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for production AI. This suite of tools provides a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to leverage AI technology.

“We’re accelerating our mission to infuse AI into virtually every academic and research disciplines,” said Thenkurussi (Kesh) Kesavadas, vice president for research and economic development at UAlbany. “We will drive advances in healthcare, security and economic competitiveness, while equipping students for roles in the evolving job market.”

The NVIDIA DGX Cloud provides enterprises immediate access to an AI supercomputing platform and software hosted by OCI. Each DGX Cloud instance consists of eight NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs interconnected with network fabric, purpose-built for multi-node training. This powerful setup ensures enterprises have the resources they need to train complex AI models effectively.

Access to the DGX Cloud is facilitated through the NVIDIA Base Command Platform. This platform simplifies the management of multinode clusters, making it easier for enterprises to manage their AI training resources.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise enables rapid development and deployment of AI and data science on Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Enterprises can build an application once and deploy it on OCI and their on-prem infrastructure. This approach makes a multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy cost-effective and easy to adopt, providing businesses with the flexibility they need to adapt to changing market conditions.

Qualified customers can purchase NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA DGX Cloud with their existing Oracle Universal Credits. This added convenience further enhances the appeal of integrating NVIDIA’s AI technology into OCI. The arrival of NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence in Oracle Cloud Marketplace represents a significant advancement in the integration of AI and cloud technology. By providing enterprises with access to powerful AI training resources and a comprehensive suite of AI software, NVIDIA and Oracle are paving the way for the next wave of AI innovation.

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