Honda, GM and Cruise to launch driverless ridehail service


Honda, GM and Cruise to launch driverless ridehail service

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Honda has revealed that it will be launching a new driverless ridehail service in 2026 in partnership with General Motors and with Cruise, the three companies plan to develop the service together.

With this new service, the Cruise Origin, jointly developed by GM, Cruise and Honda and purpose built for a driverless ridehail service, will come pick up the customers at a specified location and drive them to the destination, entirely through self-driving. Customers will use a dedicated app on their smart phones to complete the entire process from hailing to payment.

The Cruise Origin is a self-driving vehicle with no driver’s seat or steering wheel. It features a vast cabin space that can be as private as a personally-owned vehicle and that allows 6 people to ride simultaneously, facing-to-face. This driverless ridehail service will offer an entirely new kind of mobility experience in Japan and target a wide range of customers, including business people, families, visitors and more.

You can find out more details about the planned, Honda, Cruis, and General Motors new ridehail service over at the Honda website at the link below, as soon as we get some more details on exactly what is planned, we will let you know.

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