New Apple iPads launching March 2024


New Apple iPads launching March 2024

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New Apple iPads launching March 2024

Earlier we heard that Apple is planning to launch some new Macs this month and if you have been waiting for the new iPads, it looks like we may have to wait a little longer, as they will not launch until 2024.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is planning to launch its new iPads in March of 2024 and there are expected to be a range of different models launching in 2024, more details are below.

Apple isn’t planning to launch new iPads until around next March, I’m told. In the meantime, we got something a bit less exciting: a new low-end Apple Pencil.

That probably won’t change anytime soon, but Apple will at least update the lineup with new hardware in 2024. I’ve written that the company has been working on a slew of models, including versions of the iPad Air, entry-level iPad and iPad mini with bumped-up specifications. There’s also a revamped iPad Pro in the works. I’m told that Apple is currently planning to release at least the more minor iPad refreshes in March. – Mark Gurman, Bloomberg.

So it looks like we will see an iPad Air, some new iPad Pro models, and a new iPad Mini next March, we are looking forward to seeing exactly what Apple has planned for its iPad lineup and whether there will be any design changes.

Source Bloomberg

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