New Midjourney app Niji Journey launches on Android and iOS


New Midjourney app Niji Journey launches on Android and iOS

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New Midjourney app Niji Journey launches on Android and iOS

If you enjoy using the Midjourney AI art generator you might be interested to know that a new mobile Midjourney app in the form of Niji Journey has launched. Although the mobile application doesn’t provide all the features of the more advanced Midjourney Discord server experience. It has been specifically designed to allow users to create anime images.  Developed by Midjourney and Sizigi Studios, the new Niji Journey apps offers a unique blend of mobile technology and artistry.

Midjourney app Niji Journey

“Welcome to Niji Journey, a state-of-the-art AI that draws custom anime illustrations, just for you! A magical collaboration, designed together between brilliant minds at Spellbrush & Midjourney. Whether you’re looking for a cute chibi character or a dynamic action scene, Niji Journey can bring your vision to life. We can’t wait to see what you create!”

Midjourney, founded by David Holz, a former co-founder of Leap Motion and NASA researcher, has a track record of creating innovative technology solutions. In partnership with Sizigi Studios, a Japanese game company, they have now ventured into the realm of mobile applications, launching Niji Journey on both Android and iOS platforms.

Browse the creations of others

In addition to generating anime art from words, Niji Journey also allows users to upload pictures, mix words and pictures, and create detailed backgrounds and character traits. This level of customization enables users to create detailed and intricate art pieces, further broadening the creative possibilities within the app.

The app also fosters a sense of community. Niji Journey offers a feature where users can browse creations by other artists and remix prompts and ideas. This community inspiration feature not only encourages collaboration and idea exchange but also provides an opportunity for users to learn and draw inspiration from others.

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Midjourney app Niji Journey Android and iOS

Main Features:

  • Live in an Anime World
    • Type words to visualize them as anime pictures.
    • Examples: snow fields, combat maids, isekai-elopements to Mars.
  • Create with Words, Pictures, or Both
    • Start with words or upload a picture.
    • Mix elements to fine-tune details, backgrounds, and character traits.
    • Create coherent portraits or mosaics with multiple pictures.
  • Advanced AI Art Generator
    • Leading AI model in art generation.
    • Generates cute, expressive, and magical images.

Additional Features:

  • Prompt Ideas
    • Suggestions for popular prompts like characters, NPCs, world book illustrations, avatars, etc.
  • Community Inspiration
    • Browse and remix art from other users for creative ideas.
  • Go Viral
    • Generate high-quality images to complement creative posts.
  • Discover Unique Style
    • Take a quiz to find a custom art style.
    • Remix prompts and ideas from a global user base.

Account and Updates:

  • Sync with existing Niji Journey and Midjourney accounts.
  • Receive updates with the latest model improvements.

Discover your anime art style

Niji Journey also includes a unique feature aimed at helping users discover their custom art style. By taking a short quiz, users can uncover their unique art style, offering a personalized touch to the art creation process. This feature, coupled with the ability to remix prompts and ideas from millions of users worldwide, ensures that Niji Journey is a platform for endless creativity and exploration.

Social media

The app also caters to the social media-savvy users by assisting in creating visually appealing social media posts. With the rise of visual content on social media, Niji Journey can be a valuable tool for users looking to boost their online presence with stunning and unique art.

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Link accounts

Furthermore, for existing users of Niji Journey and Midjourney, Niji Journey mobile app offers seamless integration. The app can sync with existing accounts, ensuring a smooth transition for users and consistent access to the latest model improvements.

The launch of Niji Journey, an AI-based art generator mobile app, is a significant milestone in the intersection of technology and art. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, it’s poised to inspire a new wave of digital art creators. Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking for fresh inspiration or a novice looking to explore the world of digital art, Niji Journey could be the next big thing in your creative journey.

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