20+ Canva AI design tools you can use for free


20+ Canva AI design tools you can use for free

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20+ Canva AI design tools you can use for free

This year the development team at Canva has been hard at work adding the power of artificial intelligence to its creation systems and applications. Enabling users to harness the power of AI to create amazing designs and less time. Improving productivity, saving money and enabling users to make even more creative designs at the click of a button all for free. If you would like to know more about the AI tools currently available within Canva.

Magic Studio brings together AI-powered tools that assist in every step of the creative process. One of the standout features is Magic Design, a free AI design tool that allows users to visualize design ideas with custom templates. Users can upload their own media, and Magic Design will generate custom designs, presentations, or edited videos. It uses AI to transform any media into customized templates that match the content and context needed. The tool builds on the millions of templates, images, fonts, and other graphic elements in Canva’s marketplace.

Canva AI tools and artificial intelligence can help you in a number of different areas including: Transforming photos into paintings: Canva utilizes machine learning algorithms to mimic artistic styles, converting standard photographs into art resembling paintings. Generating YouTube Shorts and Reels videos: Algorithms analyze the content and automatically create short-form videos, streamlining content creation for platforms like YouTube and Instagram and more. Watch the overview video below created by Wholesale Ted to learn more about the latest AI tools integrated into the Canva suite of applications.

Free AI design tools in Canva

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  • An AI-powered tool integrated into Canva that specializes in turning photos into paintings. It probably uses neural style transfer to achieve this.

Auto Enhance Tool

  • Automatically adjusts contrast, brightness, and saturation, making photos appear more vibrant and visually pleasing.

Magic Expand Tool

  • Uses computer vision to identify the central objects and themes in a photo and expands them to fill the entire canvas, potentially adding background where needed.

Magic Eraser Tool

  • Utilizes object detection and segmentation to identify and remove specific items from photos without leaving noticeable gaps.

Magic Edit Tool

  • Similar to the Magic Eraser but replaces the removed object with a different version, likely using a generative model.

Magic Grab Tool

  • Allows users to move objects within a photo, likely using image segmentation to identify objects and then blend them into the new position.

Grab Text Option

  • OCR technology is likely used to identify and extract text from images, while other algorithms fill the blank space with matching background.

Magic Switch Tool

  • Automatically translates text into different languages, probably using machine translation models like Transformer.

Magic Transform into Document Tool

  • Converts designs that have a lot of text into structured blog posts using NLP.

Brand Voice

  • Generates text that adheres to a specific brand voice or style guide, likely through training on brand-specific data.

Avatars by NeiroAI

  • Creates animated video avatars, probably through a combination of computer vision and generative models.


  • Uses algorithms to compose ten-second audio tracks, probably based on predefined genres or moods.

Magic Media

  • Takes a textual input and converts it into multimedia content like videos or pictures, likely using NLP and generative models.
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Imagen and DALL-E

  • Both tools generate images from textual descriptions, probably utilizing GPT models trained specifically for image generation.

Hello QArt

  • Generates artistic QR codes from text, likely by blending QR code functionality with artistic designs.

Sketch To Life

  • Converts hand-drawn sketches into digital images, likely through image-to-image translation models.

Magic Design

  • Uses generative algorithms to create design layouts from scratch based on user input or predefined templates.

Magic Writing AI Tool

  • Rewrites text in a specific style using NLP, likely trained on a dataset of various writing styles.

AI is changing the game in the world of design. It’s making it easier and faster to create really cool stuff, whether you’re a pro designer or just starting out. With AI, you can transform photos into artwork, make short videos, and even write blog posts automatically. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that can do a bunch of tasks for you, so you can focus on being creative. So, in short, AI is making the design process better, quicker, and more accessible to everyone.

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