E-Ink analogue dials for CPU & GPU activity monitoring and more


E-Ink analogue dials for CPU & GPU activity monitoring and more

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If you are considering building a new PC your would like to monitor your computers network, RAM, CPU and GPU activity, in a non-digital way, you might be interested in the Streacom VU1 Dynamic analogue dials. Although powering the VU1 is an open-source platform that has been specifically designed from the ground up to be easy to implement so that support can be natively added to virtually any application. Equipped with E-Ink display the analogue dials can be changed to suit whatever project you may like to include them in providing unlimited use cases and easy configurations.

The Streacom VU1 is a dynamic device that has been inspired by the CAPS project, a hobbyist endeavor that utilized analogue dials to display PC hardware information. This innovative gadget has been developed in collaboration with Saša Karanović, who was instrumental in designing the firmware, hardware, and software for the original project. The VU1 is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity that can be found in the intersection of technology and design.

E-Ink analogue dials connectionsE-Ink analogue dials

The VU1 utilises an e-ink display for its dial face, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. The e-ink display is a remarkable feature, providing excellent contrast in natural light and requiring no power to maintain an image. This makes it an energy-efficient solution that offers clear, crisp visuals. The dial face can display any numeric information from any source, making it a versatile tool for monitoring various data.

One of the main highlights of the VU1 is its open platform design, which allows support for third-party applications. This feature opens up a world of possibilities, enabling developers to create new uses for the dials. The device’s Server App, which controls the dials and acts as a gatekeeper for other applications or data sources, uses the industry standard REST API. This makes the VU1 a highly adaptable and flexible tool that can be integrated into a wide range of systems and applications.

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Streacom VU1 Dynamic

The structure and design of the VU1 are nothing short of impressive. Housed in a 55 mm cube made from extruded aluminum, the device comes in two types: a HUB and a DIAL. The visualization of the VU1 consists of three elements: a moving coil, an e-ink display, and Dial Face RGB illumination. The moving coil is fully configurable, allowing users to adjust the needle’s movement properties. The Dial Face RGB illumination provides subtle lighting for the e-ink display and can change colour based on certain conditions, adding an element of interaction and dynamism to the device.

E-Ink analogue programmable dials

The VU1 also includes a PC Hardware Monitoring App, designed to cover the most requested use case for the device. It uses standard USB cables for connections and can drive multiple dials from a single HUB. This makes the VU1 a highly efficient tool for monitoring PC hardware, providing real-time data in a visually appealing format.

In terms of placement options and accessories, the VU1 is primarily designed to be a desk accessory, but it can also be secured to other surfaces or devices using the M3 mounting point on the back. This flexibility in placement makes it a versatile tool that can adapt to various environments and setups.

Pricing and availability

Regarding pricing and availability, pre-orders for the VU1 are now open, with shipping expected to start at the end of December 2023. Pricing options include €130 for the ‘Starter’ Kit, €125 for the ‘Expansion’ Kit, €42 for a single HUB, and €38 for a single DIAL. This pricing structure allows users to choose the option that best fits their needs and budget.

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The Streacom VU1 is a dynamic, versatile, and innovative device that offers a unique way to monitor PC hardware information. With its open platform design, e-ink display, and support for third-party applications, it is a tool that pushes the boundaries of technology and design. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a professional looking for a unique way to monitor your PC hardware, the VU1 is a device worth considering.

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