Withings Body Scan smart scales with segmental body composition


Withings Body Scan smart scales with segmental body composition

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Anyone patiently waiting for the arrival of the latest Withings Body Scan smart scale, specifically designed to monitor your body health. Will be pleased to know that the White version of the scales is now available to purchase in the United Kingdom priced at £350. The Withings Body Scan Smart scales have been clinically validated and are available in either Black or White to match your decor and color preferences.

Using the Health Improvement Score you can easily see see a more complete picture of your health. The Withings Body Scan smart scales features cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive and precise analysis of an individual’s health, focusing on a range of metrics from body composition to cardiovascular health.

Withings Health app

The Body Scan uses segmental body composition technology, an innovative feature that enables precise detection of fat and muscle imbalances. Unlike traditional scales that provide a general overview, the Body Scan focuses on each body segment – legs, torso, and arms. This allows for a more detailed and accurate understanding of one’s body composition, making it an ideal tool for athletes and individuals aiming for targeted fat loss.

Segmental body composition technology

A cornerstone of the Body Scan smart scales is the multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. This technology sends a safe, undetectable current through the body to provide tailored body composition metrics. The result is a precise assessment of each body part, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their body composition.

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The Withings Body Scan smart scales go beyond measuring body composition. They also provide vital insights into cardiovascular health. The scale offers measurements such as a 6-Lead ECG, Pulse Wave Velocity, and standing heart rate, which are critical indicators of cardiovascular health. One of the unique features is the measurement of Vascular Age, a metric that, if significantly higher than the user’s chronological age, could indicate a risk of developing vascular disease.

Monitor nerve health

Another groundbreaking feature of the Body Scan smart scales is the ability to assess nerve health. The scale stimulates the sweat glands in the feet with an electrical current, a process that can help detect signs of autonomic peripheral neuropathy, a complication of diabetes. This makes the Body Scan the first smart scale capable of assessing nerve health.

The Body Scan smart scales are designed for ease of use. They are easy to install and can connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The high-resolution color screen provides a clear display of the health metrics, and the scale can recognize up to 8 different users. This multi-user recognition feature makes it a practical choice for families or shared living spaces.

Winnings Health app

Users can also leverage the Withings app for health metrics tracking. The app provides a daily check of health metrics and a library of health-related content, empowering users to keep track of their health progress. Additionally, users can compare their data to a body composition database, providing a comparative perspective on their health status.

The Withings Body Scan smart scales represent a significant advancement in smart scale technology. They provide a comprehensive and precise analysis of an individual’s health, leveraging segmental body composition technology, multi-frequency BIA technology, and innovative cardiovascular and nerve health assessments. With easy installation and connectivity, a high-resolution color screen, and multi-user recognition, the Body Scan smart scales offer a convenient and powerful tool for health monitoring.

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