Why Custom Packaging Sleeves Are The Most Ideal Option For Brands?


Why Custom Packaging Sleeves Are The Most Ideal Option For Brands?

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Why Custom Packaging Sleeves Are The Most Ideal Option For Brands?

Packaging sleeves are belly bends. They are custom printed paper, and wrapped around packaging boxes. Sleeves are open from the top or bottom to wrap them around boxes easily. Custom packaging sleeves are customizable with designs, printings, shapes, and sizes. Packaging Sleeves have emerged as the most ideal option for brands to design their product boxes with cost-effective, custom-printed, and appealing sleeves. It is not all. Packaging sleeves offer hundreds of other direct and indirect options that act as relief givers for the brands. Let us explain other benefits in detail. 

Effective Branding Opportunity 

Custom packaging sleeves provide an excellent canvas for your branding. You can print your logo, product information, and eye-catching designs on these sleeves. This branding opportunity allows your products to stand out on the shelves, making it easier for customers to recognize your brand.

Hassle-Free Packaging Option

The versatility of custom packaging sleeves cannot be overstated. They come in three standard styles – pre-glued sleeves, custom sleeves with adhesive, and custom sleeves (flat). Brands that use custom packaging sleeves with adhesive reported a 25% reduction in packaging time and a 15% decrease in packaging errors, as per data from a study by the Packaging and Labeling Institute. This means you can choose the one that suits your products best, whether they are the same size, different sizes, or shapes. The adhesive option simplifies the packaging process, saving you time and effort.

Custom Packaging Sleeves Are Environmentally Friendly

Concerned about the environment? Custom packaging sleeves have got you covered. These sleeves are typically made from materials with at least 50% post-consumer content, which means they contain recycled waste. You can choose between white Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper and brown Kraft paper, depending on your design and environmental preferences.

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Custom Printed And Personalized Sleeves

Custom packaging sleeves are printed using soy-based ink, an eco-friendly choice that produces vibrant colors. You can opt for CMYK or Pantone color systems, depending on your brand’s requirements. CMYK is cost-effective, while Pantone provides more accurate brand colors.

Designed With Coating and Finishes

To protect your printed designs, you can choose between varnish and lamination. When choosing between varnish and lamination, consider your brand’s sustainability goals and the intended use of the packaging. Varnish is eco-friendly but offers less protection, while lamination provides a plastic-coated layer that prevents cracks and tears.

Cost-Effective Way To Enhance Presentation Of Packaging Boxes

One of the most attractive features of custom packaging sleeves is their cost-effectiveness. 

Packaging World study shows that custom packaging sleeves save businesses up to 30% on their packaging costs compared to traditional custom boxes. These sleeves are fully customizable in size and print, making them suitable for a wide range of products. Whether you want to wrap them around existing boxes or individual items, they offer a budget-friendly solution to elevate your brand’s image.

Versatile Packaging Sleeve Options

Custom packaging sleeves are designed in many types. Each packaging sleeve type gives a premium appearance to the packaging. The only difference among sleeves is in their shape. Some are pre-glued packaging sleeves and flat packaging sleeves while others are adhesive packaging sleeves. Let’s examine these major three types of packaging sleeves. 

Pre-glued Sleeves

Pre-glued packaging sleeves are slid over boxes. They easily wrap the packaging boxes and showcase beauty and elegance with a premium look.

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Custom Sleeves with Adhesive

Custom sleeves come with adhesive strips to seal and wrap your sleeves around custom packaging boxes. They are perfect for different-sized and shaped custom boxes.  

Custom Sleeves (Flat)

These are custom designed sleeves, printed with designs, visuals, and logos. These are customizable to wrap and seal the sleeves.

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Final Words

Custom packaging sleeves offer numerous benefits to the brand owners. These are cost-effective, give beautiful appearance, can be wrapped on plain boxes for better appearance, promote the brand, and lure customers with charming displays. If you want to get packaging sleeves for your products and enhance product value, contact Custom Designs Packaging to create custom sleeves for you. They have an in-house material team, graphic designers, packaging experts, printing machines, and finishing options. They create sleeves around your choice. Get benefits from their discounted rates, free shipping options, free design consultation, and 24/7 customer care service. Grab custom packaging sleeves for your products, and elevate your brand value. 

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