Google Gemini AI features leaked via Makersuite


Google Gemini AI features leaked via Makersuite

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Google Gemini AI features leaked via Makersuite

It seems that new details about Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence have been leaked via Makersuite. But as always take everything mentioned with a pinch of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed by Google as yet.  A series of leaks seem to have shed light on Google’s new AI technology, revealing Gemini will be a more powerful, multimodal version of PaLM 2, set to take its place in Makersuite.

Gemini is not your typical AI system. It is designed to be multimodal, integrating text, images, and other data types to create a more natural conversational ability. This integration of various data types is a significant step forward in the AI industry, allowing for a more comprehensive and intuitive interaction between humans and AI. For instance, Gemini supports text to text outputs and image inputs, making it a versatile tool for users.

Google Gemini user interface leaked

Moreover, the leaks have unveiled a new feature called Stubbs, which allows users to build and launch their own AI-generated apps directly from Makersuite. This feature is revolutionary, as it enables users to create working app prototypes with just one prompt.

However, it’s important to note that while Stubbs can generate, deploy, and even publish apps, it does not replace app developers. Instead, it serves as a significant boost to the industry, creating working AI-generated app prototypes that can be refined and developed further.

Google Gemini AI features leaked

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Adding to the intrigue, there has been no external information or mention of Stubbs from Google at the time of the leak. This silence has only fueled speculation and anticipation about what this feature could mean for the future of app development.

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Another exciting revelation is the full support for translation between languages in Makersuite. Google has even provided a sample prompt for translating between Spanish and English, indicating the company’s commitment to making its platform accessible to a global audience.

Gemini Vertex AI

The integration of Gemini into Vertex AI and its availability to developers through Makersuite is another significant development. This integration, coupled with Google Drive support for easy image addition to Gemini, promises to make the platform user-friendly and versatile.

However, like any technology, Gemini is not without its limitations. The leaks reveal that while it supports multimodality, there is a lack of support for this in Chat prompts. Additionally, while Stubbs can create app prototypes, it cannot generate the full code of the app. Furthermore, the image input does not support GIFs in the Makersuite UI, potentially limiting its utility for some users.

Despite these limitations, the leaked features, which include Google Stubbs, Google Stubbs Gallery, Makersuite Autosave, Deepmind Gemini/Jetway, and Makersuite Translation support, are expected to be released this year.

Beyond its immediate features, Gemini’s potential to process data across all Google services sets it apart. This capability, combined with Google’s proprietary training data, gives Google a significant advantage in the AI industry. However, there is still uncertainty over Gemini’s relationship to Google Bard, another AI project by Google.

Google’s Chief Scientist, Jeffrey Dean, has revealed that Gemini will utilize Google’s new AI infrastructure, Pathways. This infrastructure will allow Gemini to be trained on diverse datasets, further enhancing its capabilities and potential applications.

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Google’s Gemini, with its impressive multimodal capabilities, combined with the strengths of Alphago systems and large language models, has the potential to change the landscape of AI. As the world awaits its official release, it will be interesting to see how this new AI language model shapes the future of AI technology.

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