Worlds First Commercial Cloud Computer created by Oxide


Worlds First Commercial Cloud Computer created by Oxide

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Worlds First Commercial Cloud Computer created by Oxide

In a groundbreaking move, Oxide Computer Company has unveiled the world’s first commercial Cloud Computer, a revolutionary development in the field of on-premises cloud computing. This innovation is a rack-scale system that melds hardware and software into a unified whole, designed to bring the benefits of the public cloud to on-premises environments.

The launch of this product is not the only reason Oxide is making headlines. The company has also secured a substantial $44 million in a Series A funding round. This round was led by Eclipse and saw participation from other significant players such as Intel Capital, Riot Ventures, Counterpart Ventures, and Rally Ventures. This infusion of capital brings Oxide’s total financing to a remarkable $78 million, providing a solid foundation for the company’s ambitious plans.

Cloud Computer

Despite the surge in popularity of cloud computing, the reality remains that a significant portion of IT infrastructure still exists outside the public cloud, housed in on-premises data centers. Oxide’s mission is to address this issue by offering a unified product that brings the benefits of public cloud to these on-premises environments. The company’s Cloud Computer is specifically designed to meet the financial, security, latency, and reliability needs of enterprises that require ownership of their computing infrastructure.

“After years of building cloud infrastructure, we knew firsthand the pain of on-premises deployments, and we knew that addressing these pain points would require taking on the entire problem of the rack-scale computer – hardware and software,” said Bryan Cantrill, CTO and co-founder of Oxide. “While we were not the only ones to see this, many believed that the problem was too daunting for a new company: despite the large market, the conventional wisdom was that one simply couldn’t find the investors and technologists necessary to fund, design, and build it. We had the audacity to prove that thinking to be wrong.”

Oxide’s solution empowers enterprises to achieve cloud performance across all aspects of their business, effectively enabling them to “own the cloud” rather than merely renting it. This has the potential to shift the economics of cloud computing significantly, offering companies a more cost-effective and efficient way to manage their IT infrastructure.

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The team behind Oxide’s Cloud Computer comprises 60 veteran technologists, led by co-founders Steve Tuck and Bryan Cantrill. This team has redesigned and rebuilt every aspect of the hardware and software stack to deliver a world-class cloud infrastructure product. The Cloud Computer’s networking, compute, and storage capabilities are purpose-built to deliver hyperscale cloud computing to on-premises data centers.

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Energy Efficient

This isn’t just a minor upgrade. The Oxide Cloud Computer offers a complete IT transformation. It improves energy efficiency, uses less space, comes with all necessary software, and requires no assembly. This allows customers to go from rack install to developer availability in mere hours, a process that previously could have taken days or even weeks.

Oxide’s customer base is already impressive and includes the Idaho National Laboratory and a global financial services organization. The company has plans for additional installations at Fortune 1000 enterprises in the coming months, indicating a promising future for this pioneering product.

Oxide Computer Company’s launch of the world’s first commercial Cloud Computer, coupled with their successful $44 million Series A funding round, marks a significant milestone in the world of on-premises cloud computing. With its mission to unify hardware and software and its potential to shift the economics of cloud computing, Oxide is undoubtedly a company to watch.

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