3 Innovative Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Season


3 Innovative Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Season

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3 Innovative Ways to Stay Warm This Winter Season


2022 was a record-high year for the US in terms of winter temperatures. The country is vast, with varying climates, but last year was filled with surprises. Sharp cold winds blasted across the Northern Great Plains.

As per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this season’s forecast includes climatic extremes and strong El Nino. At best, we may consider ourselves strapped for yet another unexpected ride as temperatures across the country fluctuate.

If you reside in the colder parts of the United States or the world in general, it’s time to brace yourself now for what lies ahead. As days become shorter, serotonin levels in the body decrease leading to increased sluggishness. The last thing you want is to welcome the season unprepared.

In other words, it’s time to start insulating the attic, building an emergency kit, and dehydrating herbs and vegetables. As you do these, don’t forget that technology has come far enough to aid you. In this article, we will talk about three unique innovations to fight the depressing cold this winter season.

Smart Battery-Heated Jacket

For a fun day of skiing down the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, you need adequate protection. Just like the feet are the extremities and experience rapid heat loss, the torso also needs adequate warmth. This will help you maintain proper blood flow to the limbs.

By using a smart battery-heated jacket, you stand a better chance of protecting your arms and legs from the cold as well. In most cases, the jacket’s battery life would last at least six hours on a medium setting or four hours if the setting is high.

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You may find that the heat is most powerful on the rear side of the jacket initially. With time, the heat distributes evenly till you get an overall cozy feel. Most variants are available in materials that naturally repel water. But keep in mind that waterproofing is not the same as water resistance.

A heated jacket made of waterproof fabric will prevent water from penetrating at all costs. On the other hand, a water-resistant jacket will do the same to a certain extent only. This means it may be alright to wear it on dewy winter days but not under full-blown rain.

Rechargeable Socks or Leg Warmers

Do you often suffer from cold feet or painful muscular leg contractions during winter? Invest in a pair of heated socks that run on lithium batteries. This will also let you enjoy fun outdoor activities like skiing without making your feet or toes numb.

If you’re concerned about the safety factor, rest assured that these socks do not carry any fire or electrical hazards. Also, they can be used for extended periods. For instance – the Lenz comfort socks will keep your feet warm for 14 hours on the low setting. Also, the full recharge time is six to seven hours.

Suppose you enjoyed an entire day of skiing and returned to your lodge in the evening. Even in case of a sudden plan for the day after, CozyWinters suggests putting the socks’ batteries on charge for the entire night. When you wake up afresh the next morning, your socks will be ready to keep your legs warm.

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In most cases, you can choose socks that suit your needs depending on the climate of your place. In other words, invest in a thin-lined or thick pair and adjust the heat setting according to your comfort. As far as going to bed with these socks is concerned, it’s best to avoid it.

Instead, hit the sheets with a pair of heavy woolen socks if needed. The warmth combined with the wool’s softness will help you sleep better.  

Intelligent Temperature Duvet

As nights become longer, you want to enjoy sound sleep with an ultra-snug feel. Imagine being crushed under a pile of comforters and blankets as you can’t even toss and turn through the night. Not to mention the space, money, and maintenance efforts needed for so many of them.

It’s best to end all woes with a few intelligent all-season temperature duvets. During summer, these duvets can adjust to your body’s needs for cooling. Likewise, they can provide adequate warmth during winter through adjustable settings.

For best results, run the duvet on the highest setting for 20 minutes before bringing it down to the lowest setting. In the next 10 minutes, your bedding will be ready with the right amount of warmth needed for a good night’s sleep. This innovative solution is useful for those who suffer from insomnia during winter due to body aches, cold feet, etc.

Bring the Heat This Winter!

Besides keeping you adequately warm during the freezing months, the above-mentioned tech-based essentials will improve blood circulation. As humans, we are warm-blooded and rely on smooth blood circulation for optimal health.

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Winters are trying times when blood vessels tend to constrict, thereby obstructing blood flow. As a result, oxygen is not easily distributed to all parts and the heart is over-strained to pump blood. Cold feet are usually a sign of poor blood circulation.

As your body stays sufficiently warm using these innovations, you should experience better sleep, reduced cramping, and greater immunity. 

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