NuPhy Halloween Sale 20% off Halo wireless keyboards


NuPhy Halloween Sale 20% off Halo wireless keyboards

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NuPhy Halloween Sale 20% off Halo wireless keyboards

If you have not yet treated yourself to a NuPhy keyboard or the like to expand your current collection will be pleased to know that they are currently running a Halloween sale until October 31, 2023, offering 20% off its Halo series of wireless mechanical keyboards.  The NuPhy compact wireless mechanical keyboards series includes the Halo96, Halo75, and Halo65. Designed for professional use and feature a unique design, combining style, meticulous construction and high-quality materials.

One of the most striking features of NuPhy’s Halo series is the unibody aluminum frame and laser-polished ABS base. This design element not only makes the keyboards sturdy and durable but also gives them a sleek, modern look. The keyboards also feature a ‘Halo’ light band that unites the aluminum frame with the ABS base, creating an eye-catching visual effect.

NuPhy Halloween Sale use HW20 at checkout for a  20% discount

The Halo series keyboards are equipped with the Halolight feature, which includes 2 rings of illumination, 17 light effects, 80 RGB LEDs, and 16M RGB colors. This feature, combined with unlimited software customizability, allows users to personalize their keyboard’s lighting to suit their mood or work environment. The keyboards also feature a streamlined Sidelight keyboard status monitor, providing information on connection modes, OS transitions, CapsLock, and battery status at a glance.

NuPhy wireless keyboards

NuPhy Halloween Sale Halo wireless mechanical keyboard

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Gateron G Pro switches

Another noteworthy feature is the use of Gateron G Pro switches, which offer various actuation forces and feedback levels to suit different user preferences. NuPhy has also introduced the Baby Kangaroo and Baby Raccoon switches, developed in partnership with Gateron, offering a unique tactile and acoustic experience. The Baby Kangaroo switches provide an immediate, strong tactile response and a clean, crisp sound, while the Baby Raccoon switches offer a smooth, consistent feel and a snappy return.

Wireless mechanical keyboard

The seamless tri-mode connection integration and dual-OS support make these keyboards highly versatile and adaptable to different operating systems and devices. A 4000mAh built-in battery facilitates up to 205 hours of continuous use, ensuring that the keyboards can keep up with even the most demanding workloads.

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Double-shot PBT keycaps

NuPhy’s Halo series keyboards feature double-shot PBT keycaps, which are known for their durability and resistance to grease and scratches. These keycaps are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable typing experience, even during long work sessions. The keyboards also come with a precision-machined acrylic and aluminum Twotone wrist rest, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of strain or fatigue.


The GhostBar feature is another innovative addition to these keyboards. As the world’s first noise suppression space keycap, the GhostBar eliminates hollow sound and blends in with the sound of other keys, providing a more consistent and pleasant typing sound. The keyboards also offer a complete noise-reduction and stabilization solution, including a built-in Plate & PCB Silicone, Bottom Silicone, and Spacebar Silicones.

NuPhy Halloween Sale


Finally, the full hot-swappability support with Gateron G Pro 2.0 switches allows users to customize their typing experience. This feature gives users the freedom to change switches without soldering, making it easier to tailor the keyboard to their specific needs and preferences.

The Halo96, Halo75, and Halo65 wireless mechanical keyboards from NuPhy offer a unique combination of innovative design, cutting-edge features, and high-quality materials. With the current Halloween sale, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your workspace with these stylish, feature-rich keyboards. Remember to use the code HW20 at checkout to avail of the 20% discount.

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