GIGABYTE TRX50 AERO D AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard


GIGABYTE TRX50 AERO D AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard

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GIGABYTE TRX50 AERO D AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard

GIGABYTE has unveiled a new AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard this month making a new addition to its High-End Desktop (HEDT) motherboard lineup, the TRX50 AERO D. This new motherboard is designed to cater to the needs of high-performance computing tasks, enhancing content creation and AI operation experiences.

The TRX50 AERO D motherboard is designed to support AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series and Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series processors. These processors are known for their exceptional performance and efficiency, making them ideal for demanding computing tasks. With the support for these processors, the TRX50 AERO D can handle complex tasks with ease, providing users with a seamless computing experience.

TRX50 AERO D motherboard

One of the key features of the TRX50 AERO D motherboard is its versatile expansion options. It can accommodate multiple GPUs and PCIe devices, allowing users to customize their system to their specific needs. This motherboard can efficiently handle demanding workloads, such as those from the NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation professional graphics card and the AORUS Gen 55 AIC Adaptor. Additionally, the motherboard features three PCIe x16 slots design, enhancing performance in AI training, content creation, design rendering, scientific computing, and large-scale data analysis.

Features and specifications :

  • Supports AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 series/ Ryzen Threadripper 7000 series Processors​
  • Breakthrough Performance:16+8+4 Phases Digital VRM Solution
  • Quad Channel DDR5:4 x SMD R-DIMMs with AMD EXPO™ & Intel XMP Memory Module Support
  • Reinforced Overall Thermal:VRM Thermal Armor Advanced & M.2 Thermal Guard
  • Ultimate Scalibility: 3 x PCIe x16 slots for Multi-GPU and 4 x PCIe x4 M.2 slots
  • Next-gen Connectivity: Dual USB4 Type-C ports
  • Blazing Fast Networks: 10GbE + 2.5 GbE Dual LAN and Wi-Fi 7
  • PCIe UD Business X:PCIe 5.0 x16 slot with 10X strength for graphics card
  • EZ-Latch Click:M.2 heatsinks with screwless design
  • EZ-Latch Plus:M.2 slots with quick release design
  • Hi-Fi Audio with DTS:X Ultra:ALC4080+ALC897 CODEC
  • UC BIOS:User-Centred intuitive UX with Quick Access function
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AMD Ryzen Threadripper motherboard

Powering the motherboard is a 28-phase design, capable of unleashing exceptional performance with the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. This high-performance design ensures that the motherboard can handle heavy-duty tasks without compromising on performance or efficiency. The TRX50 AERO D also supports quad channel DDR5 RDIMM with a maximum capacity of up to 1TB. This feature allows for a significant amount of data to be stored and processed, making the motherboard suitable for high-performance computing tasks.

GIGABYTE TRX50 AERO D motherboard connections

In terms of connectivity, the TRX50 AERO D offers advanced options including dual USB4 Type-C ports, Wi-Fi 7 with GIGABYTE’s Ultra-high Gain antenna, and 10 GbE/2.5 GbE dual LAN connectivity. These features ensure that users can connect multiple devices and maintain high-speed internet connections, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Storage options on the motherboard are equally impressive, with four onboard PCIe 5.0/4.0 M.2 slots. These slots allow for RAID configurations of multiple NVMe devices, providing users with fast and reliable storage options.

GIGABYTE has also incorporated several DIY-friendly innovations into the TRX50 AERO D, making the setup and installation process easy. One such feature is the newly designed M.2 EZ-Latch Click for screwless installation of M.2 heatsinks. This feature simplifies the installation process, making it more accessible to users. The user-centric UC BIOS on the TRX50 AERO D offers a redesigned UI and UX, featuring a Quick Access panel with customizable option slots. This feature allows users to customize their BIOS settings to their specific needs, enhancing user experience and productivity.

The TRX50 AERO D is an excellent choice for content creators, enthusiasts, scientific computing, and AI operations due to its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features. Its high-performance design, coupled with versatile expansion options and advanced connectivity, make it a powerful tool for high-performance computing tasks.

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