5 Tips to Create a Coastal Interior for Your Home


5 Tips to Create a Coastal Interior for Your Home

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5 Tips to Create a Coastal Interior for Your Home

What does the coast represent for you? Perhaps it’s lazy days and carefree living. Or relaxing on the beachfront. With a coastal interior decor style, you can enjoy these benefits without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Want to know how? Read our 5 tips to create a coastal interior for your home.

Invest in Easy-Care Furniture

The first step in creating a coastal interior for your home is to channel that easy-going beachfront living feeling. That’s why our first tip is to invest in comfortable, easy-care furniture for that laid-back beach vibe.

With modular sofas, you maximize not only the comfort but also the space in your home. They are the ultimate addition to any coastal interior, thanks to their low maintenance and high versatility.

Sectional sofas can be rearranged to suit your needs and your living room’s dimensions, and often include integrated storage spaces. Their maneuverability also makes cleaning under or between the sofas a breeze. Plus, you can let kids and pets enjoy the living room without restraint, thanks to durable, washable fabrics and removable covers. With the right choice in sofas, you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your coastal interiors.

Mimic the Colors of the Coast

With any new decor theme, you must pay careful attention to your choice of colors and patterns. Light sandy-colored wood floors are the perfect background for coastal interiors. Mimic the colors of the coast. Soft blues and blue-green shades like turquoise and teal are excellent choices for your walls.

Think of the sun rising and setting at the coast, and add little accents in orange and pink shades. These will break any monotony and add a touch of warmth to your home’s color palette. To avoid a cluttered look, confine these accents to smaller furnishings, art, and decor accessories. Don’t forget, though, that the colors and patterns of your home reflect your personality. So only choose colors that you really love.

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If you are hesitant about color on the walls, opt for warm white walls and introduce some classic blue-and-white stripes to your decor. Nothing says coastal life like stripes! They are ideal for throw pillows, armchair upholstery, patio deck chairs, or even the tiled areas in the kitchen and bathroom.

Focus on Natural Textures

You’ll find it easy to create a coastal interior for your home when you focus on natural textures like wood, linen, and seagrass. Their natural hues are soft and unassuming, and won’t clash with your color choices, no matter which hues you use.

Natural fibers also have an excellent reputation for durability and longevity. So although they may cost quite a bit more than synthetic materials, they are well worth the investment. And should you ever decide to switch your coastal interior to another decor aesthetic, natural textures are also very versatile. If you have natural wood floors, you’re already halfway there. Just add a few seagrass mats and you’re good to go. If you’re not blessed with wood floors, several engineered wood options on the market look very realistic but don’t need much maintenance.

Re-use, Repurpose, and Recycle

The coastal interior style lends itself well to the eco-friendly lifestyle. There’s been a big shift in recent years to reducing waste through recycling or by repurposing and reusing vintage items. You can put this trend for reviving nostalgic items to good effect, by upcycling vintage items for your home.

Even entrepreneurs are getting in on the trend, by repurposing old ideas for a profit. Imagination is the key to success here. There is no right or wrong when it comes to repurposing vintage items. There are countless ways to give older pieces a fresh, modern look while also tying them in with your coastal theme. Old wooden deck chairs can be given a new lease on life with wood refinishing, a fresh coat of paint, or new fabric upholstery. They don’t have to stay on the deck, either. Use them for occasional seating anywhere in the home.

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Beach-inspired home decor is easy to make, too, and can be a fun craft project for the whole family. Make some coasters or placemats out of old rope. Arrange beach finds like driftwood or shells to make your own, unique artworks. Or frame old maps for the perfect maritime touch to otherwise blank walls.

Choose Some Nautical-Inspired Accessories

A vacation on one of the lesser-known islands is a perfect solution to the desire for a tranquil beach getaway. But with some clever decor accessories, you don’t even have to leave your home. To get the coastal look, you just need to get nautical.

Nautical-inspired accessories include maritime themes such as sailboats, lighthouses, anchors, and even ships’ steering wheels or life rings. Get authentic pieces from coastal antique stores, or realistic reproductions from seaside gift shops.

If you prefer more subtle coastal influences, go for watercolor paintings with a maritime or beachfront theme. Thick rope, pieces of driftwood, and collections of seashells are also excellent choices for that coastal vibe.

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