Things To Consider Before Planning A Home Renovation


Things To Consider Before Planning A Home Renovation

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Things To Consider Before Planning A Home Renovation

It can be a challenging prospect to renovate a house. There is a lot of work that goes into planning the renovation, not to mention the cost and labor that goes into it.

So, if you are planning a home transformation and want to know how you can complete a successful home renovation project, here’s our guide to help you renovate a house. Consider these things before you plan a home renovation.


Setting a home renovation budget is the first step to take in order to understand the scope of what you can do in the home. If you have limited funds to spend on renovation, you will have to stick to the budget and be very careful when you decide on one. The cost of renovation can be expensive which is why you need to be very careful.

Considering the costs associated with specific renovations, like flooring, can help you prioritize your projects within your budget. For more information on budget-friendly home renovation options, you can visit to explore various ideas and get expert advice.

When transforming different rooms, you look into the average cost of renovating every room so that you have an idea of how to split the budget for a successful renovation project. You can also have a backup renovation fund in case of delays or when costs accidentally shoot up.

Seek planning permission

When planning an extensive home renovation project, you may have to seek planning permission from the local council, especially when you are planning on building an extension or knocking down a hall.

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You will have to seek the planning permission before you begin work and it normally takes anywhere around 8 weeks to 12 weeks for a decision to be made. Consider this time in your renovation project timeline.

Discover the criteria for qualifying for a loft insulation grants under the ECO scheme by referring to the informative guide provided by Warma UK.

Create a renovation timeline

You will have to create a renovation timeline to ensure that the plans are on track. It is very unlikely that every step of the renovation will run as per plan which is why having an estimated schedule that clearly maps out each job that needs completing is important for a successful project.

The experts at Fox Family HVAC near Sacramento California state that besides listing the major tasks, you might also want to include minor repairs and tasks like heating and air conditioning repair and replacement since that will be a part of the overall renovation project.

Try to create an in-depth timeline and show it to the contractor before the work begins. Be realistic about the timeline and select any new updates before you remove any existing materials.

Spend time in the space

It may seem obvious, but it is important to wait before you make certain decisions like carpet, paint colors, or light fixtures until you have spent enough time in the space you are working on. Such choices could become overwhelming since there are too many options.

The answers could depend on other aspects of renovation like the theme or choosing paint colors. For example, if you choose the paint palettes even before the renovation starts, you will need to see them on walls and the decision about colors will change as the renovation progresses.

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Hence, spend a little more time in the space and see how everything blends well with the place you are remodeling.

Expect the unexpected

Every home has secrets, and a renovation will bring them to light. Do not be surprised if the contractor says that the floors are not even because of a shifted center joist, now you will have to deal with this before you proceed with the renovation.

You will have to get the floor joist repaired before any new material goes down. This is just an example of how something can go wrong during renovation, and this means you will need extra time and money to handle it along the way.

Carpet tiles offer a versatile solution for your floor covering because you can replace any worn or damaged ones very easily. Many suppliers offer free samples such as

Renovate the kitchen first

If you want to know how to begin the renovation process, start with the kitchen first because it will add immense value to the home. You can recover a major part of the cost of kitchen renovation if you intend to sell the home.

That said, you will want to do the kitchen remodel first because it will create the most amount of dust and debris and you will not finish jobs unless the kitchen is complete. Since it also takes the maximum time in renovating the kitchen, you might want to set up a temporary substitute kitchen in another room in your home.

Be particular about the designs

Speak with an interior designer to narrow down the design preferences. You can also take inspiration from magazines, design shows, and websites. It might not be possible to bring your Pinterest board to life, but you can try to achieve something as close to it as possible.

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If you can get a handle on a design direction, you will be able to renovate a space that reflects your personal style and preferences.

These are a few tips to follow if you are planning a home renovation anytime in the near future.

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