Ultra-Big Smart Lifestyle Companion Blackview Tab 18 Launches Globally


Ultra-Big Smart Lifestyle Companion Blackview Tab 18 Launches Globally

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As tablets have become popular in mobile officing and remote learning in recent years, Blackview, a technology company specializing in tablet research and development, has noticed the increasing demand for large-screen tablets in work, study and entertainment while customers are seeking a newer experience on large-screen tablets. Blackview sees the trend and has accordingly made great efforts to provide a premium experience on larger-screen tablets. After months of preparation, it will recently launch globally its latest 12-inch ultra-large-screen flagship tablet, Tab 18. With a larger screen than its predecessor, the 11-inch Tab 16, Tab 18 is set to bring users an all-new smart lifestyle with an ultra-big screen.

It is worth noting that Tab 18 inherits the innovation DNA of its predecessor, breaking boundaries between tablet and laptop, and is built with all upgraded both in hardware and software. It boasts a 12” 2.4K display for stunning viewing, while with Widevine L1 certification achieving for the first time 1080P content streaming on Netflix. It introduces a 6nm MediaTek Helio G99 processor and 12GB of RAM, which can be expanded to up to 24GB without cost thanks to the RAM 1:1 expansion’s first application to the Tab-series lineup, further safeguarding the lightning-fast performance. Besides, Tab 18 utilizes the updated Android 13-based DokeOS_P 4.0 with PC Mode upgraded to the 2.0 version. It is also the first in the lineup to come with quad Harman Kardon® speakers with Harman AudioEFX® 2.0 sound effects for more natural calls and more immersive entertainment from gaming and music listening to film-watching and more. Featuring an 8800mAh battery under the hood, Tab 18 can power up your daily use for up to 12 hours. In terms of camera capabilities, both of its cameras are merged with the ArcSoft® 7.0 Algorithm for clearer video conferencing and class notes. Now with a new Magnetic S Pen, you are free to express yourself and bring your inspiration to life.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the upgrades of Tab 18 and how it will bring a newer experience to your life.

No.1 Display Upgrade: 12” Kindle. 12” Tablet. 12” Laptop. More Than That.

Perfect for Reading, Media Consumption & Multi-tasking

-12” 2.4K Display & TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light Certification & Eye Comfort Modes

As the largest flagship tablet in the Tab series lineup, the 12” Tab 18 delivers even more immersive viewing with shrunk bezels pushing the screen-to-body ratio to 86.6 percent for more details, and 2.4K high resolution for crisper images and sharper texts. Its screen is with TÜV SÜD Low Blue Light Certification, relieving your eye fatigue and eye strain during prolonged usage with reduced blue light emission. Besides, considering different use cases, multiple eye comfort modes are assigned to Tab 18, Reading Mode for a Kindle-like e-book reading experience, including multi-layered Dark Mode for diverse light conditions, and Night Light Mode with harmful blue light filtering catering to your eye health. Viewing on Tab 18 is made more comfortable and enjoyable.

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-1080P Widevine L1 Support & Multi-window & Split-screen View

Blending tablet portability and laptop versatility, the 12” Tab 18 is ideal for media consumption and productivity tasks. To further elevate your experience on Tab 18, Blackview has done more than that. For a better binge-watching experience, Tab 18 has passed Widevine L1 Certification, allowing you to immerse yourself in streaming content in 1080P on platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, and more. Besides, Tab 18 provides a PC-like experience with a multi-window view without sacrificing touchscreen capability. You can open multiple websites on Tab 18 to get your tasks done faster and more efficiently. To add more fun and convenience to your life, its screen can be divided into two, allowing you to share your feelings with your friends while streaming videos.

Your Handy Helper: To Edit, To Create, To Inspire, To Bring It Back to Life.

-Optional 2-in-1 Bluetooth Magnetic Keyboard & Megnetic S Pen Gen 2

Adding more convenience, Blackview offers optional accessories as your productivity tool and creativity booster, including a 2-in-1 Bluetooth Magnetic Keyboard and an all-new Magnetic S Pen Gen 2. Tested a pressure sensitivity at 4096 levels and latency less than 10 ms, it is natural to use with a pen-like writing experience. You can use the pen to achieve seamless navigation, take notes, and sketch to bring your ideas back to life on Tab 18 with the S Pen Gen 2.

No.2 Performance Upgrade

-6nm MediaTek Helio G99&Up to 24GB RAM&256GB ROM plus Up to 1TB Expandable Storage

Given that a large-screen tablet is often used for demanding tasks like multitasking, graphically intensive gaming and streaming, the Tab 18 sports a powerful 6nm octa-core MediaTek Helio G99 Soc, mated with 12GB of RAM, which can be doubled to up to 24GB thanks to the advanced RAM Expansion technology. Beyond that, performance is further boosted with cutting-edge technology supported by DokeOS, including Atomized Memory 2.0, Focus Computing 2.0 with Performance Mode, Smart Pre-Loading, Auto Disk Defrag and even more. As a result, Tab 18 allows for up to 38 apps to stay open in the background without affecting performance and scores 457,641 on Antutu Benchmark, seeing 70% better performance than its predecessor.

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Ensuring intensive media use and extensive app installation, Tab 18 sports 256GB of ROM and supports up to 1TB expansion with a microSD card, allowing you to store your favorite movies, e-books, and working files. Furthermore, it boasts an internal cooling system with over 12,000mm2 of thermal conductivity materials, keeping your gaming cool all the time while staying fluid.

No.3 OS Upgrade: Enjoy A Smarter Ultra-Big Screen Lifestyle with All-New DokeOS_P 4.0

Engineered to gratify your experience on the ultra-big 12” Tab 18 and the new S Pen with concerns for user patterns and demands, Tab 18 runs Android 13 with the up-to-date DokeOS_P 4.0 for a smarter lifestyle with upgrades mainly in efficiency, design, privacy and performance, to make your everyday life easier and better in many meaningful ways.

Upgraded from PC Mode with multi-window view, the all-new PC Mode 2.0 allows users to top the main task window among others to let them focus on the most important. The upgraded Split-screen function can not only divide the screen into two but also allow you to switch freely between them with the newly added Task Bar for simpler interaction and make them a personalized combination stored on your desktop, bringing more convenience to your work, study and play. The upgraded Notebook app allows you to use the S Pen to take screen cuts in rounds or rectangles instantly, create notes with the floating shortcut button, and edit them in adjustable brushes, perfect for note-taking and brain-storming. New Clock offers timer customization to achieve more effective time management in your everyday life. The new EasyShare app ensures even 60 times faster file transmission than Bluetooth while without networks. Screen Attention serves to uninterrupted viewing. The Real-time Subtitles function works as a useful tool for easier calls and meetings. More robust privacy control is achieved on Tab 18, from clipboard history and more sophisticated access permission to the privacy dashboard. The New Workspace app helps balance your work life and personal life with two individual spaces, both of which can be securely protected behind separate passwords.


No.4 Sound Upgrade

—Quad Harman Kardon® Box Speakers with Harman AudioEFX® 2.0 Sound Effects

Providing more immersive soundscapes and natural-sounding voice, Tab 18 comes with quad Harman Kardon® box speakers symmetrically arranged on both sides for surround sound. Catering to different scenarios, Tab 18 is integrated with 5 modes with realistic sound effects tuned by Harman AudioEFX® 2.0, covering your needs from listening to your go-to playlist, streaming your favorite movie and playing thrilling games to attending live meetings, making connection easier and entertaining more enjoyable.

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No.5 Battery Life Upgrade: Up to 12 Hours of Daily Use

—8800mAh Battery with 33W Fast Charge

To support your extended use of mobile officing, prolonged streaming, connecting and even more, Tab 18 features an 8,800mAh battery with up to 12 hours of daily usage, accompanied by 33W fast charging to charge from 0 to 50% in 1 hour for less frequent charging and more uninterrupted working and playing.


No.6 Photography Upgrade

-8MP+16MP Cameras & Blackview ArcSoft 7.0 Algorithm & Google Lens & 2K Video Recording

While remote learning and working are becoming the norm, Blackview Tab 18 comes with 8MP+16MP cameras to make your video calls, conferencing, and images of class notes and meeting slides on the 12” 2.4K display clearer. Besides, Tab 18 supports Smart Google Lens catering to your needs for document scanning, translation, object recognition and even more. Tab 18 also features multiple camera modes, including HDR, Beauty, Portrait, Panorama, Night and even more from diverse shooting scenarios. With the Blackview ArcSoft® 7.0 Algorithm, the photography results improve by 15%. With 2K video recording, users can record tutorials and lectures clearly for better later review. With the front camera supporting face recognition, you are the only one to get easy access to your device.

Other Highlights

With dual 4G support, you are free to surf the web and always be connected to online platforms with Tab 18. Tab 18 integrates a fingerprint sensor with a power button for convenient and secure unlocking.

Price and Availability

Blackview Tab 18 will be available in three colors: Glacier Blue, Turquoise Green and Space Grey. From November 11th to 17th, 2023, PT, you can get Tab 18 for only $199 (50% off!) using limited-time coupons. Good news for customers in Russia, Moscow and Uzbekistan area!- Delivery takes around 7-10 days only. Click and lock in the opportunity!

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