AAEON GENE-RAP6 13th Gen Intel SBC mini PC


AAEON GENE-RAP6 13th Gen Intel SBC mini PC

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AAEON a manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms, has this week introduced its first single-board computer (SBC), the GENE-RAP6, equipped with the 13th Generation Intel Core processors. This latest offering from AAEON is a significant development in the field of single-board computers, as it brings a new level of performance and capability to a compact form factor.

The GENE-RAP6 is a powerful single-board computer that utilizes the 13th Generation platform’s performance hybrid architecture. This architecture offers up to 6 performance cores, 8 efficient cores, and 20 threads. The board is available with various options of Intel Core CPUs, including i7, i5, i3, and the Intel Processor U-series. The 13th Gen Intel Core processors are known for their high performance and energy efficiency, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

GENE-RAP6 Specifications:

– 13th Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3/U-series Processor SoC
– DDR5 4800, Dual Channel SODIMM x 2, up to 64GB
– LVDS x 1, eDP x1, DP x 1, HDMI x 1
– 2.5GbE x 1, GbE x 1, SATA 6Gb/s x 1, DIO x 8-bit
– USB 3.2 Gen 2 x 3, USB 2.0 x 4, USB Type C x 1, RS-232/422/485 x 4
– M.2 2280 M-Key x 1, M.2 2230 E-Key x 1, M.2 3052/3042/2242 B-Key x 1
– Wide DC Input 9-36V

One of the key features of the GENE-RAP6 is its support for up to 64GB of dual channel DDR5 memory running at 4800 MHz via two SODIMM slots. This high-bandwidth DDR5 memory provides the board with the capability to handle demanding applications and workloads, making it a versatile solution for various industries. Other articles we have written that you may find of interest on the subject of AAEON products :

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The GENE-RAP6 features a variety of display interfaces, including HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 ports, both offering 8K resolution at 60 Hz. The board’s HDMI port can drive two 4K displays at 120 Hz, supporting up to four simultaneous 4K displays. This makes it suitable for applications that require high-resolution displays, such as healthcare imaging, human-machine interfaces, and panel PC solutions.


In terms of connectivity, the GENE-RAP6 offers an external I/O made up of 2.5GbE and 1GbE LAN ports, four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and four internal COM headers for RS-232/422/485, as well as GPIO and SMBus. This broad range of connectivity options gives the board the flexibility to interface with a wide variety of peripherals and devices.


Storage is another area where the GENE-RAP6 excels. The board offers various storage options, including a standard SATA drive, an M.2 2280 M-Key for NVMe, and an FPC connector supporting four PCIe 4.0 lanes. This variety of storage options allows users to choose the best storage solution for their specific needs.

The GENE-RAP6 also supports functional expansion with 5G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modules via an M.2 3052/3042/2242 B-Key and M.2 2230 E-Key. This feature allows for easy integration of wireless connectivity, further enhancing the board’s versatility. The GENE-RAP6 is not only powerful and versatile, but it is also secure. The board has the option of TPM 2.0 to enhance data security, providing users with peace of mind when handling sensitive data.

Given its robust features and capabilities, the GENE-RAP6 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its high-resolution display capabilities make it ideal for healthcare imaging applications, while its connectivity options and support for high-bandwidth DDR5 memory make it a suitable choice for industrial automation applications. The board’s ability to handle process control systems, data analysis, and virtualized monitoring makes it a versatile solution for various industries.

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The GENE-RAP6 single-board computer from AAEON, equipped with the 13th Gen Intel Core processors, offers a compelling combination of performance, versatility, and security. Whether it’s for healthcare imaging, human-machine interfaces, panel PC solutions, or industrial automation, the GENE-RAP6 is a powerful and flexible solution that can meet a wide range of needs.






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