M3 Pro MacBook Pro vs M2 Pro MacBook Pro (Video)


M3 Pro MacBook Pro vs M2 Pro MacBook Pro (Video)

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Apple recently launched their new M3 Pro MacBook Pro and now we get to see how this new laptop compares to the M2 Pro MacBook Pro that it replaces. Are you torn between the latest M3 MacBook Pro and its formidable predecessor, the M2 MacBook Pro? Apple’s continuous innovation raises the bar with each release, but understanding the nuances of these upgrades is crucial for making an informed decision. The video below from Max Tech delves deep into a comparison of these two tech marvels, covering everything from design tweaks to performance benchmarks.

Design and Aesthetics

At first glance, the M3 Pro MacBook retains much of its predecessor’s look, but with an elegant twist. The new space black color, a subtle yet noticeable change, gives it a sleek and modern feel. This color, however, can appear lighter under certain lighting conditions. Apple has also color-matched the MagSafe cables to the device, a minor but thoughtful detail that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Display and Audio

When it comes to display, the M3 Pro slightly edges out its predecessor with a higher brightness level of 600 nits compared to the M2 Pro’s 500 nits in standard dynamic range (SDR). However, the M3 Pro’s audio output is slightly quieter than the M2 Pro, which might be a consideration for audiophiles or professionals relying on in-built speakers for their work.

Webcam and Microphones

Both models boast a 1080p webcam and studio-quality microphones, but the M3 Pro steps up with a new image signal processor. The differences, though subtle, are more noticeable in specific lighting and recording conditions, offering a slight edge in video conferencing or content creation scenarios.

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Internal Hardware Differences

Under the hood, the M3 Pro features a larger heat block, potentially enhancing thermal dissipation. However, it scales back on the number of NAND memory channels, impacting its maximum RAM capacity. This change might affect users who rely on heavy multitasking or run memory-intensive applications.

Performance Tests

Performance is where the M3 Pro shines. Tests encompassing SSD speed, Geekbench scores, graphics performance, and real-world application usage (like in Logic Pro, Lightroom, and Blender) show that the M3 Pro generally offers improved performance. This boost is particularly evident in tasks that leverage its new architecture and efficiency cores.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, the M3 Pro stands out significantly. Its more efficient power management and additional efficiency cores contribute to a longer-lasting battery, a crucial factor for professionals and casual users alike.

Overall Assessment

Despite some downgrades, such as fewer performance and graphics cores in the base model, the M3 Pro MacBook marks improvements in processing speed, battery life, and thermal management. It’s particularly beneficial for specific professional tasks where these enhancements will be most appreciated.

Price and Value

The M3 Pro’s price tag is heftier than the M2 Pro’s. However, for users where performance is key, this cost may be justifiable. The M2 Pro, on the other hand, continues to be a solid choice, especially for those with less intensive usage or budget constraints.


The M3 Pro MacBook emerges as a robust offering from Apple, excelling in several domains and standing out as a top choice for professionals. Nevertheless, the M2 Pro still offers great value, particularly for users whose needs don’t align with the latest and greatest features. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements and how much you’re willing to invest in performance upgrades.

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Source & Image Credit: Max Tech

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