CyberLink and Intel unveil AI tools for easy content creation


CyberLink and Intel unveil AI tools for easy content creation

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CyberLink and Intel unveil AI tools for easy content creation

In an exciting development for digital creators and tech enthusiasts alike, CyberLink, a renowned name in digital creative editing software and artificial intelligence (AI), showcased its innovative prowess at the Intel Innovation Taipei 2023. This event marked a significant milestone in the partnership between CyberLink and Intel, highlighting the evolving landscape of generative AI technology in the realm of content creation.

CyberLink, recognized for its long-standing collaboration with Intel as an independent software vendor (ISV), took this opportunity to demonstrate its latest generative AI offerings. Among the notable tools were AI Business Outfits, AI Product Background, and AI Video to Anime. These cutting-edge technologies simplify the creation of astounding photo and video content, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Jau Huang, the Chairman and CEO of CyberLink, emphasized how Intel’s upcoming AI PC would revolutionize content creation. He highlighted that this innovation would bring generative AI creativity from cloud computing down to personal computers. This move is expected to significantly reduce the costs associated with AI computing while addressing privacy concerns. Huang envisions an entirely new AI content creation experience, making it easier than ever for users to unleash their creativity.


Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger kickstarted the Intel Innovation Taipei, focusing on themes like artificial intelligence, edge to cloud technology, next-generation systems, and advanced technologies. A particular spotlight was on the latest AI PCs and the results of collaboration with Taiwanese ecosystem partners.

Sam Gao, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of the Client Platform Solutions Group, delivered a keynote speech themed “Winning in the AI PC Era with Intel Client Platform.” Gao delved into Intel’s AI PC acceleration program, aiming to hasten the development of AI PC technologies.

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During Gao’s session, Huang reiterated CyberLink’s commitment as an Intel software partner and its participation in the AI PC acceleration program. He emphasized the synergy between software and hardware in achieving optimal AI performance and exploring innovative AI technology applications. With Intel AI PC, Huang foresees more accessible video creation and creative image editing, bringing AI to a broader audience.

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CyberLink has been at the forefront of creative editing innovation, launching over 10 new generative AI functions. These include AI Business Outfit, AI Fashion Outfits, AI Scene, AI text to image, AI Avatar, AI Sky, AI Sound Effect Generator, and AI Anime. These tools are transforming the landscape of content creation, making complex tasks simpler and more accessible.

For instance, the AI Business Outfit feature in PhotoDirector offers a variety of clothing styles, allowing users to transform their personal photos into professional attire for resumes or business profiles. The AI Product Background function simplifies e-commerce imagery by creating suitable backgrounds for product displays, eliminating the need for extensive photo editing.

AI tools for easy content creation

Looking ahead, CyberLink anticipates the launch of Intel’s “Meteor Lake” – the Intel Core Ultra processor – in December 2023 for AI PC acceleration. This advancement will herald new generative AI features from CyberLink, enhancing the video creation and image editing experience. The collaboration between CyberLink and Intel is poised to shape the future of generative AI in content creation. This partnership signifies a leap towards making advanced AI tools more accessible and user-friendly, opening up new possibilities for creators across the globe.

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