M3 Max MacBook Pro vs M1 Max MacBook Pro (Video)


M3 Max MacBook Pro vs M1 Max MacBook Pro (Video)

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M3 Max MacBook Pro vs M1 Max MacBook Pro (Video)

The launch of Apple’s M3 Max MacBook Pro has created quite a stir in the tech community, especially among those still using the M1 Max MacBook Pro. A recent video review from MacRumors shows these two powerhouses against each other, focusing on everything from specifications to real-world usage. This video below dives into these details to help you decide whether an upgrade is in the cards for you.

Specifications Breakdown

The M3 Max MacBook Pro reviewed is a top-tier 16-inch model, sporting a sleek space black finish. It’s equipped with 48 GB of memory, a hefty 16 CPU cores, an impressive 40 GPU cores, and a 1 TB SSD. In contrast, the M1 Max boasts 32 GB of RAM, 10 CPU cores, and 32 GPU cores. This significant jump in specs suggests a notable boost in performance, which we will explore further.

Design Differences

Aesthetically, the most prominent difference lies in the color scheme. The M3 Max’s space black color is noticeably darker than the M1 Max’s space gray. This subtle yet striking variation might appeal to users looking for a fresh, more sophisticated look.

Performance Benchmarks

  1. Cinebench Test: Here, the M3 Max outshines its predecessor with a score of 1601 in multi-core performance, almost doubling the M1 Max’s score of 788. Even in single-core performance, the M3 Max maintains a lead.
  2. Blender Rendering: The M3 Max completes a complex render in just 3 minutes and 28 seconds, a significant leap from the M1 Max’s 8 minutes and 25 seconds. This improvement is a game-changer for professionals in 3D modeling and rendering.
  3. Final Cut Pro Export: Video editors will appreciate the M3 Max’s time efficiency, exporting a complex 4K timeline about 2 minutes quicker than the M1 Max.
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GPU Performance

In gaming and graphics benchmarks, both models are neck and neck. However, the M3 Max edges out slightly in texturing and frame rates, a factor that could influence gamers and professionals in graphics-intensive fields.

SSD Speeds

The M3 Max shows a slight increase in write speeds, while the M1 Max leads marginally in read speeds. These differences are minimal and unlikely to impact the average user’s experience.

Real-World Usage

Interestingly, despite the apparent performance gains in benchmarks, the difference in everyday editing tasks and general usage isn’t profound. This observation is crucial for users considering whether the upgrade is necessary for their daily workflows.


The M3 Max MacBook Pro undoubtedly showcases significant improvements in benchmarks and time-saving capabilities for specific tasks. However, the decision to upgrade from the M1 Max should be based on individual needs and workloads. While the M3 Max excels in high-end tasks, the M1 Max remains a powerful machine for everyday use.

Sourc e & Image Credit: MacRumors

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