Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop


Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop

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Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop

Venom Computers has this week introduced its new BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop combining power and sustainability offering a perfect blend of speed, durability, and high resolution. Designed to cater to the needs of professionals and tech enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best say it’s developers.

At its core, the Phantom G9 is powered by the 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1360p processor. This processor marks a significant advancement over previous generations, with up to a 40% speed increase. This enhancement is crucial for demanding tasks like video editing, gaming, and heavy multitasking. Complementing this is DDR5 RAM, which is faster and more capacious than its predecessors. This combination ensures smooth multitasking and efficient handling of memory-intensive applications.

Build and Design

The use of Aerospace-grade Magnesium Alloy is a notable feature. This material choice strikes a balance between lightness (at 2.66 pounds) and durability. The unibody chassis, finished in Imperial Graphite Black, further contributes to a sleek and robust design. This combination of lightness and strength is particularly beneficial for users who need to transport their laptop frequently.

Detailed BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop specifications

Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 laptop specifications


The WXGA+ display with a 2800 X 1800 resolution offers a significant improvement in pixel density. This higher resolution enhances the visual experience, especially for graphic-intensive tasks or media consumption. The use of an LTPS panel is a strategic choice, improving energy efficiency and, when coupled with Venom Vision Anti-Glare technology, providing vibrant colors and reducing power consumption.

Battery and Cooling

The 99.9 Watt-hour battery capacity is the maximum permissible for air travel, which implies extended usage time without the need for frequent charging. The Venom Stealth cooling system is an innovative approach to manage heat and noise, improving comfort during prolonged use. Customizable fan speed and system temperature controls are user-friendly features that allow personalization of the laptop’s performance based on individual needs.

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Operating System and Extras

Running Windows 11 Pro enhances the laptop’s appeal, especially for professional users, due to improved security features like facial recognition. The auditory experience is augmented by the SteelSeries Nahimic audio driver and a custom equalizer suite, which are likely to appeal to audiophiles and gamers. A variety of ports, including Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI, cater to diverse connectivity needs, making the laptop versatile for different peripherals and external displays.

Venom Computers has also taken significant steps to ensure the Phantom G9’s sustainability. The laptop’s components, including the battery and SSD, are designed to be easily replaceable, thereby extending the product’s lifespan. Furthermore, Venom offers a trade-in program that allows customers to return their used laptops for up to $500 within 30 days post-purchase.

The BlackBook Zero 14 Phantom G9 is a high-performance laptop that perfectly blends advanced technology with sustainability. It offers a wide range of features designed to enhance user experience, from speed and durability to high resolution and customizable controls. For more information, full specifications and purchasing options jump over to the official Venom online store.

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