Durabook Windows 11 Secured-core mobile rugged laptops


Durabook Windows 11 Secured-core mobile rugged laptops

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Durabook Windows 11 Secured-core mobile rugged laptops

In an exciting development for professionals in challenging environments, Durabook has unveiled its latest innovation: Windows 11 Secured-core PCs. This launch, in collaboration with Microsoft, introduces the Durabook S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet, equipped with advanced Windows 11 security features. Here’s what you need to know about these groundbreaking devices.

What is a Windows 11 Secured-core?

Windows 11 Secured-core refers to a set of security features and requirements designed by Microsoft for the Windows 11 operating system, particularly aimed at providing enhanced protection against sophisticated cyber threats. This security initiative is focused on devices that are at a high risk of being targeted by attackers, such as those used in highly sensitive or critical industries like government, healthcare, and finance. Here’s an overview of what makes Windows 11 Secured-core PCs special:

  • Integrated Hardware and Software Security: Secured-core PCs combine hardware security features from the chip level up with Windows 11 software security measures. This integration is key to protecting against threats that exploit vulnerabilities in the firmware, which is the software embedded in the hardware components of a PC.
  • Protection Against Firmware Attacks: Firmware attacks can be particularly dangerous because they can bypass traditional antivirus software and persist undetected. Secured-core PCs use features like Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) to protect the firmware.
  • Identity and Domain Protection: These PCs offer advanced identity protection measures. This includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods, which are more secure than traditional password-only approaches.
  • Enhanced Data Encryption: Data on Secured-core PCs is protected using advanced encryption methods, making it more difficult for unauthorized users to access sensitive information if the device is compromised or stolen.
  • Regular Security Updates: Microsoft ensures that Secured-core PCs receive regular updates to address new vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring ongoing protection.
  • Virtualization-based Security (VBS): This feature uses hardware and software virtualization to create isolated subsystems within the PC, protecting key areas of the operating system from compromise.
  • Secure Boot and Measured Boot: These features ensure that the PC boots using only software that is trusted by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), preventing malicious software from loading during the startup process.
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Rugged laptop

Windows 11 Secured-core PCs are designed to offer a high level of security, particularly against sophisticated cyber-attacks, by integrating advanced hardware and software security features. This makes them ideal for use in environments where data security and integrity are paramount.

Professionals such as executives, military officers, and others who frequently find themselves in hazardous conditions, often handle sensitive data, ranging from financial records to classified intelligence. These individuals not only contend with the risk of physical damage to their devices but also face an array of cybersecurity threats like malware and firmware attacks. The new Durabook models, the S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet, are specifically designed to address these challenges.

U11I rugged tablet

Durabook Secured-core rugged laptop and tablet features :

  • Advanced Windows 11 Security: The incorporation of Windows 11 technology in these devices provides an additional layer of security, integrating hardware, firmware, software, and identity protection to guard against sophisticated cyber threats.
  • MIL-STD-810H Certification: Both the S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet are MIL-STD-810H certified, ensuring they can withstand harsh environmental conditions, from extreme temperatures to high humidity.
  • Coolfinity Fanless Cooling: Unique to the Durabook U11, this feature ensures quiet functionality, perfect for situations where discretion is key.
  • Secured-core Architecture: This feature enhances the powerful CPU performance of the S15 Rugged Laptop, making it an ideal choice for mobile professionals who use complex applications in challenging settings.

If you are wondering how these devices stand out, it’s their blend of robust security with rugged durability. Whether you’re navigating a busy construction site or conducting field research in remote locations, these PCs are designed to keep your data safe and your hardware intact. The Coolfinity fanless cooling in the U11 Tablet, for instance, ensures your device operates quietly, an essential feature for discreet operations.

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Moreover, the secured-core PC architecture in these devices offers an unmatched level of protection against advanced cyber threats. This feature, combined with their robust build, makes them an unparalleled choice for professionals working under demanding conditions.

Durabook’s commitment to providing secure, durable, and high-performance computing solutions is evident in these new models. While they are engineered to meet the demands of professionals in extreme environments, their advanced security features make them a wise choice for anyone concerned about data integrity and device resilience.

As technology continues to evolve, the need for devices that can keep pace with the changing landscape of threats, both physical and digital, becomes increasingly crucial. The Durabook S15 Rugged Laptop and U11 Rugged Tablet are a testament to this evolution, offering a harmonious balance of performance, security, and durability.

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