How to build a small form factor gaming PC


How to build a small form factor gaming PC

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How to build a small form factor gaming PC

If you are thinking of building yourself a small form factor yet powerful gaming PC you might be interested in a new video created by ETA Prime taking you through his build using AMD components and a small form factor PC case. The notion that a gaming PC’s power is directly proportional to its size is a myth that needs debunking.

The truth is, with the right components, a small form factor (SFF) PC can rival the performance of its larger counterparts. This small form factor PC gaming system build guide aims to provide insight into the process of building a compact, yet potent, gaming PC using AMD Ryzen CPU and RX 7700 XT GPU, proving that size isn’t everything when it comes to gaming prowess. You also might be interested in the Intel ITX PC build further down.

As you’re likely aware, the central processing unit (CPU) is often likened to the brain of your small form factor (SFF) gaming PC, playing a pivotal role in dictating the system’s overall performance. For this compact setup, we’ve opted for the AMD Ryzen 77700X processor. This processor strikes a harmonious balance between high-end performance and cost-efficiency, positioning it as an exemplary choice for a gaming PC that aims to deliver top-tier performance.

To complement the prowess of the CPU, we’ve handpicked the ASRock RX 7700 XT Phantom Gaming GPU. This graphics processing unit is celebrated for its exceptional cooling design, a feature that becomes critically important in an SFF build where managing heat dissipation poses a significant challenge.

Building an AMD Ryzen small form factor gaming PC

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Moving to the foundation of our PC build, the motherboard, a component that is as essential as it is foundational. For this specific SFF build, the MSI MAG B650I Edge Wi-Fi motherboard is our choice. While this motherboard isn’t specifically tailored for extensive overclocking adventures, its capabilities are more than sufficient to support the selected CPU and GPU. Additionally, it comes equipped with a built-in cooler, which finds its use in cooling the Aorus 7000s M.2 SSD.

For storage, the Aorus 7000s M.2 SSD, boasting a substantial 2 TB capacity, has been chosen. It offers rapid loading times and copious space, catering well to both your gaming and application needs. The CPU and GPU’s performance is further augmented by 32 GB of Kingston Fury DDR5 RAM, which guarantees fluid performance, even under the stress of the most graphically demanding games.

For the case, the Meshroom D by Sunnyside Up stands out as the ideal selection. This mini ITX case is designed with a full mesh layout, which serves dual purposes: it promotes effective cooling and presents a sleek, modern aesthetic. Despite its relatively diminutive stature, it efficiently accommodates all the vital components necessary for a formidable gaming PC, embodying the adage that great things often come in small packages.

If you’re interested in building an Intel small form factor gaming PC check out the video below which uses a Intel Core i7-13700K Processor with 16 cores.

Cooling for the AMD CPU build is adeptly handled by the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 Atmos AIO cooler. This all-in-one cooler, though compact, is impressively effective, making it a fitting choice for an SFF setup. The entire system derives its power from the C Seasonic 7000W fully modular SFX power supply, a unit chosen for its impeccable compatibility with the SFF case dimensions.

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As for the operating system, the installation of Windows 11 Pro is a straightforward process, offering a suite of features that are advantageous for gaming. Alternatively, for those inclined towards a Linux-based platform, SteamOS presents itself as a viable option, specifically crafted to enhance the gaming experience.

Performance benchmarks and gaming tests reveal that this small form factor PC created by ETA Prime using AMD hardware excels at 1440p gaming. With some settings adjustments, it could potentially handle 4K gaming, offering a future-proof solution for passionate gamers. Building an SFF gaming PC doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance.

With careful component selection and a bit of patience during assembly, you can create a compact, powerful machine that delivers an exceptional gaming experience. Despite the challenges of assembling the components in a compact space, the end result is a gaming PC that not only performs well but also has a great aesthetic appeal. This guide proves that size is not a determinant of power, and with the right components, a compact gaming PC can indeed pack a punch.

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