5 Best AI Chatbots in 2023: Reviewed and Compared


5 Best AI Chatbots in 2023: Reviewed and Compared

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5 Best AI Chatbots in 2023: Reviewed and Compared

Whether it’s users unlocking their phones via face recognition, or telling either Alexa, Siri, or Google to play them a song or tell them a story; Artificial Intelligence has somehow been able to transform life as we know it.

AI HAS managed to filter itself into our daily lives. Users now can harness the power of AI to do a lot of tasks and among them is writing. Although controversial and facing limitations of the right kind, AI chatbots can help people write their assignments, compose emails, get coding ideas along with Excel formulas, and many other things.

However, those things cannot be copied and pasted all the time. ChatGPT did just that. It did make some noise and ruffle some feathers. It somehow managed to land in trouble. Competitors did get motivated and made their chatbots too.

The outcome is fascinating. ChatGPT’s competitors have made their chatbots and have added variety to the market. Users now have more options to find the one that meets their requirements.

Are generative AI chatbots any good?

Experts believe that generative AI chatbots are quite a step forward in conversational AI. They are supported by large language models (LLMs) which can generate top-quality text, translate languages, make creative content, and give users informative answers to their queries.

A lot of generative AI chatbots are now entering the market. Yеt not all arе thе samе.  Thеrе arе diffеrеncеs among thеm in quality and functionality among a host of othеr factors. 

Analyzing the best chatbots this year

Tech experts have put together a list of chatbots in the market that not only provide the best content but also use the best LLM models along with using proper sources of information, information accuracy, and internet connectivity. It is now time to examine them in some detail:

The new Bing

The new Bing chatbot is improved through AI thanks to Microsoft. It runs on GPT-4, the latest version of language model systems of OpenAI. Known to be more capable and reliable, users can now access it for free today. 

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Experts have observed it solves two major issues with ChatGPT. Among them was access to current events plus linking information back to the sources from where it retrieved its answers. 

Though Microsoft had announced at its recent Microsoft Build event that Bing will power ChatGPT from now on and access the web and citations, it is behind ChatGPT Plus. The Latter’s subscribers can access those premium online features.

Bing Chat is user-friendly and free to use. It is also a convenient option when compared with ChatGPT Plus. This chatbot helps users access GPT-4 for free. If Bing Chat’s current features aren’t enough, its new updates will surely bring in more new users.


ChatGPT is a conversational AI chatbot made by OpenAI. It can produce text-based outcomes for users easily on their input. It can generate the following:

  • Emails.
  • Essays.
  • Rap and rock lyrics.
  • Grocery lists.
  • Letters.

And many more.

ChatGPT was released in November last year and it was a massive success. It laid the foundation for many other chatbots to enter the race. Bing was among them. ChatGPT can also help users answer questions regarding easy and complicated topics, especially around colors, life’s meaning, and vice versa.

The chatbot is also proficient in STEM. It is also known to write and debug code and solve complex math equations. The service is literally free to the public right now. Yet, ChatGPT is still in its research and feedback completion phases.ChatGPT is yet to be completed.

ChatGPT provides users access to GPT-4 through ChatGPT Plus. It is OpenAI’s most advanced language model. It provides premium internet access and citations on answers. These features are free on Bing Chat as ChatGPT Plus charges USD 20 per month.

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There is however a big downside of ChatGPT. It has low capacity and only provides users general access at peak times. This causes it to generate inaccurate answers.


Jasper resembles ChatGPT as it uses GPT-3.5. It uses the same Natural language processing as ChatGPT to create human-like responses (plus paragraphs and Product Descriptions). OpenAI created its NLP model.

Jasper helps users by allowing them to input written prompts and the chatbot will write them for them. It works like ChatGPT. The only catch is that Jasper has a wide array of tools for producing better copy and content. It can check text for grammar and plagiarism as well. It can also write in more than 50 templates, especially blog posts, Tweets, video scripts, and the like.

Jasper is best for those who need to generate written copy daily for their business needs. But it costs USD 39 per month as it is an investment. It has proven itself to be a part of the future of app development for emerging technologies and innovations.


YouChat also makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3. It helps users input a prompt for what they want to have written and it will write it for them. It lists down the sources for generated text. Like ChatGPT, YouChat is for free. 

The chatbot’s output is an interesting one. It outputs an answer to anything people input like math, software coding, translation, and writing prompts. One of the biggest advantages of using YouChat is that it is not popular and since it uses GPT-3 any user can use it right away at any time.

There is another major advantage to using YouChat. It usually cites sources from Google and ChatGPT does not do that due to lack of internet access. That’s right, YouChat is connected to the internet and ChatGPT isn’t.

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Suppose a user asks YouChat what a car is. The chatbot will provide users with answers via conversational response. The text response will have a conversational tone. Moreover, sources from Google will be cited as that’s where YouChat pulls out its information from. This good chatbot is just as functional as ChatGPT minus the capacity limits and is usable without a cost.

Google Bard

Google Bard is the tech giant’s latest experiment in conversational AI chatbots. It is powered by PaLM 2, Google’s proprietary technology. After a month it was announced that Google opened up its waitlist on March 21 this year.

Bard is unlike ChatGPT as it does not use the GPT series large language model. It instead uses a lighter version of LaMDA, Google’s language model. Some leading tech news agencies got exclusive access to Google Bard. They tested it and saw it couldn’t code and work as a search engine.

Yet, Google Bard performed excellently as a text assistant editing text and writing professional documents. It generated cover letters, resumes, professional summaries, and the like. It is free to use making it quite advantageous over other chatbots.


All the chatbots mentioned in the post are top-of-the-line. ChatGPT is an exception due to its lack of access to the internet. The rest are connected to the internet and do their best to provide unbiased answers and information.

ChatGPT came under fire and criticism for violating digital ethics. Companies that are making chatbots have decided not to violate any ethics. Experienced professionals of web development California still advise users to practice caution when it comes to chatbots. They also advise tech companies the same.

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