Common, Accessible, and Cheap Car Shipping Options You Should Consider


Common, Accessible, and Cheap Car Shipping Options You Should Consider

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Shipping your car can be affordable; all it takes knows what options exist – such as the following.

Open Carrier

Open carrier car transport is the most widely utilized method for shipping vehicles, from single flatbed trailers to larger multi-car haulers on highways and freeways. An open carrier trailer can hold between seven and ten cars at one time making this method the most cost-effective option available to  companies; additionally it enables multiple pickups/drop offs simultaneously which makes life easier on drivers while speeding up the process.

This form of transportation exposes your vehicle to weather elements like rain, snow, dirt and hail; additionally it isn’t protected from road debris as an open trailer is. To reduce exposure while also receiving some degree of protection against road debris and leakage from other vehicles onboard the carrier, request top load carrier service which ensures your car will be loaded on an upper deck for minimal protection from road debris and leakage from other cars onboard.

Transport by truck is an ideal option for standard vehicles without modifications or special features and is the most cost- and time-effective means of shipping one car at once. This method works great for dealerships or auto manufacturers that must transport multiple cars simultaneously.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed provides your vehicle with extra protection while protecting its privacy. This more expensive option places your vehicle inside a secured trailer which is locked and fenced off from other vehicles during transit – this method is especially recommended for luxury or classic cars which need the additional security to prevent dents or other forms of damage caused by weather, road debris and other factors during shipping. During shipping, only its driver has access to load or unload it from its destination location.

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Your questions regarding enclosed and open auto transport cost differences might include such factors as make and model of the car being shipped, condition and value, distance traveled by shipper etc. When shipping an SUV in summer and January compared with other times of the year, this link suggests that it may also factor into pricing: these months tend to be busier for auto shipping services and cost may differ accordingly.

Open transport tends to be more cost-effective than enclosed, since more vehicles can be loaded onto each truck simultaneously and this enables companies or drivers to save on fuel costs. Open transport usually takes less time due to more routes available and trucks not being restricted by small areas.


Door-to-door services offer customers who prioritize convenience and personal service an ideal solution. Car carriers pick up the vehicle directly from its place of origin – such as your home or place of work – before transporting it directly back again, saving the hassle of dropping and picking up at terminals. Although more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping options, customers often consider this choice well worth their while.

When hiring a door-to-door carrier, their driver will arrange a pickup time that works with your busy schedule. At pickup, you must be present to hand off keys and your vehicle; the carrier must inspect it first before loading onto their trailer. If you cannot be there yourself, another friend or family member can meet the driver instead.

Once your vehicle is picked up by the carrier, they’ll drive it back to their trucking company headquarters for loading onto a trailer and transport to its final destination. Your carrier will keep you up-to-date as your shipment makes its journey; once it reaches its final destination, when its driver has arrived they’ll call to let you know they’re ready to deliver and you must sign the Bill of Lading to verify its delivery in good condition.

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Terminal-to-terminal transport involves having your car transported directly from one company’s terminal to its final destination by another company. This option is amongst the cheapest car shipping options and is typically more flexible. You can drop off and collect your vehicle at times convenient to you, making the experience simpler for busy individuals with many other activities on their plates during a move. In addition, terminal-to-terminal shipping offers you a more cost-effective solution should you require storage before or after its shipping process has taken place.

Terminal-to-terminal methods are ideal for those on tight schedules or living a distance away from pickup and delivery locations. Terminal-to-terminal services often prove more cost-effective than door-to-door, since carriers can save money by loading multiple cars onto one truck that would otherwise need renting out for one car alone. When choosing this method you have two transport options; open and enclosed transport services being the more costly options respectively.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping offers several advantages to auto transport companies, the primary of which being faster completion times compared with door-to-door transport. This is due to not needing to travel all the way backing home for loading; carriers simply load your car at one of their terminals anyway. Terminal-to-terminal can save money both on labor costs and fuel expenses by eliminating these travel requirements altogether.

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