Apple M3 Max Macbook Pro, 14 and 16 Core CPUs compared


Apple M3 Max Macbook Pro, 14 and 16 Core CPUs compared

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Apple recently launched its new MacBook Pro range, the top model is the M3 Max MacBook Pro and this device is available with either a 14-core or 16-core CPU, if you are wondering if it is worth spending the extra money on the 16-core CPU, we have a comparison video.

The video below from Max Tech compares the new 14-core M3 Max processor against the 16-core M3 Max processor, let’s find out what the main differences between the two processors are.

As we can see from the video the 16-core model outpaces its 14-core counterpart by a notable 10.6% in multicore performance. This advantage, while significant, begs the question of its practical impact on everyday tasks.

In the Graphics Performance (Metal Test), the 40-core GPU of the 16-core model is 26% faster. However, this marginal gain casts doubt over the necessity of the upgrade for average users. Gamers take note – the 16-core model boasts a substantial 31% improvement, a factor that could sway decisions for gaming enthusiasts.

The comprehensive tests reveal that the performance differences between the 14-core and 16-core models of the Apple M3 Max MacBook Pro are less pronounced than one might expect. The analysis suggests that for most users, the base model offers sufficient power and efficiency, making it a more cost-effective choice. The recommendation is clear: unless your specific use case demands the extra power of the 16-core CPU, the base model Bend M3 Max is a prudent and financially savvy choice.

Source & Image Credit: Max Tech

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