CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard with MX2A switches


CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard with MX2A switches

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CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard with MX2A switches

Cherry has announced the availability of a new keyboard equipped with MX2A switches. Imagine a keyboard that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them with every keystroke. The CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard is precisely that—a tool designed to enhance your typing precision and provide a satisfying tactile experience. With the introduction of the innovative MX2A mechanical switches, CHERRY continues to lead the way in keyboard technology, offering a product that excels in both precision and durability.

At the core of the KC 200 MX keyboard are the MX2A mechanical switches, the result of meticulous engineering aimed at refining your typing experience. These switches provide a tactile response and an audible click with each keystroke, delivering a sharp sensation that allows you to feel the immediacy of your actions. This level of feedback is crucial for those who rely on their keyboards for fast-paced, accurate typing.

CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard

The MX2A switches are equipped with the Gold Crosspoint Contact System, which guarantees a reliable keystroke connection every time. This system not only enhances your typing response but also extends the lifespan of the switches. Choosing the KC 200 MX keyboard is a wise decision for anyone who values a tool that will endure through years of use.

CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard 2023

To ensure that your typing remains a discreet presence in quiet environments or shared workspaces, CHERRY has incorporated a high-grade lubricant and noise-dampening springs into the MX2A switches. This combination significantly reduces keystroke noise, allowing you to maintain focus without disturbing those around you.

MX2A switches

The keyboard’s design is as robust as it is elegant, featuring an anodized metal plate that not only adds a sleek look but also reinforces the keyboard’s structural stability. This means that your keyboard will remain steadfast and durable, even with the most rigorous typing activities. When it comes to connectivity, the KC 200 MX keyboard is wired, providing a seamless plug-and-play setup. This ensures a consistent and direct connection, free from the lag or interference that can sometimes plague wireless alternatives.

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CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard

For the enthusiastic typist, the KC 200 MX keyboard comes equipped with features that ensure every keystroke is captured with impeccable accuracy. Anti-ghosting capabilities and N-key rollover are essential for those who type at high speeds. The adjustable feet allow you to customize the keyboard’s angle for optimal comfort, and with CHERRY KEYS software, you can personalize function key configurations to enhance your workflow.

The keyboard also includes integrated LEDs that offer immediate visual feedback on its status. For those who type for extended periods, the optional CHERRY Palmrest Ergo provides added comfort. The laser-etched ABS keycaps are designed for longevity and offer a superior tactile experience.

The CHERRY KC 200 MX keyboard, priced at $89.99, with the debut of the MX2A mechanical switches and a host of features tailored for the meticulous typist, this keyboard is set to transform your typing experience. Whether for professional use or personal satisfaction, the KC 200 MX is an exceptional choice that combines functionality, elegance, and ergonomic comfort says CHERRY.

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