The Ideal Floor Patterns for Your Kitchen


The Ideal Floor Patterns for Your Kitchen

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The Ideal Floor Patterns for Your Kitchen

When shopping for a new kitchen, the appliances, worktops, color, and overall décor play a large part in your choices. What about the floor though? Do you just settle on something that is durable, or does a color take preference? Does a pattern matter or is simplicity the way forward for you?

The floor choice for your kitchen deserves just as much attention as the rest of the kitchen design process. It is not only influential in the complete visual appeal of your kitchen, but it also stands to contribute to the functionality of the space you have.

In this blog, we look at the popular floor patterns for a kitchen and why they might be the best option for you.

Herringbone kitchen floor

The Herringbone floor pattern has been popular throughout both households and commercial properties for many years but why will it make your kitchen look even better?

Herringbone is a timeless pattern that has been adopted by many interior designers over the years. It gives an impression of both elegance and sophistication. The V-shaped pattern it creates helps add a little more to your kitchen than a plain floor would.

This diagonal arrangement of the floor tiles to create the V-shaped design helps create the impression of a larger room making it an ideal choice for the kitchens that may be on the small size or filled with lots of furniture and white goods.

Herringbone kitchen floors are available in a host of materials allowing the buyer to find a floor type that suits budget and style requirements.

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Whether it be the family-friendly and durable, Luxury Vinyl Tile, the timeless visuals of wood, or the more expensive but stunning in effect, ceramic, the Herringbone kitchen flooring pattern ticks a variety of boxes.

Basketweave kitchen floor pattern

For a flooring pattern that provides a little more curiosity to visitors and suits both traditional and modern aesthetics, a basketweave kitchen floor pattern may be one to consider. This layout consists of squares and rectangular titles alternating to create a textured appearance.

With its interwoven design, both texture and interest come naturally to your kitchen and as said above, it works with those looking to utilize modern design in their kitchen or those wanting to stick with more traditional designs.

The Basketweave pattern is, like the Herringbone, suited to a variety of different flooring materials but will commonly be made with marble, porcelain, or ceramic. Each provides its unique benefits but a uniform style.

One reason people tend to like opting for this pattern is the increased slip resistance that the smaller tiles can give. The small tiles, with more grout lines, allow for much better traction, especially where risk is increased in high-traffic kitchens.

Brick or Running Bond kitchen floor pattern

Exposed brickwork is on trend right now, and brick slips, among other things, are rising in popularity among those refurbishing parts of their home. In the kitchen, this pattern removes the need for real brick and instead lies flooring tiles in rows with each tile edge aligned with the center of the tiles in the row both above and below.

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This particular style works well in kitchens where the vintage farmhouse aesthetic is the aim, but it will also work well in more contemporary designs. Its clean lines allow for a smooth, classy appearance.

With plenty of color options as well as materials to choose from, this kitchen floor pattern allows you to create diverse textures in pastel or vibrant colors. Look for natural stone, porcelain, or ceramic floor types to get the best results for this pattern.

A benefit loved by many, especially those who may find housework too much of a chore is the ease of maintenance. The linear layout minimizes the appearance of dirt and makes the cleaning regimen much easier to carry out.

Checkerboard pattern

The checkerboard pattern for your kitchen floor makes it an instant classic. Characterized by the alternating square tiles of contrasting colors, your kitchen takes on an eye-catching appearance with a nod to the past whilst also staying very modern.

With so many color choices, your kitchen floor can suit more or less any theme you choose, with retro, contemporary, and everything in between being achieved easily. These customizable options give you the chance to add a touch of your personality to the kitchen rather than just sticking to what you find everywhere else.

Commonly found available as a luxury vinyl tile kitchen flooring option as well as in ceramic and porcelain, checkerboard kitchen flooring patterns offer options in both budget and style.

A popular reason for choosing checkerboard kitchen flooring among many homeowners is that it helps transform the impression of the room. The pattern works well in creating the impression of more space and defining specific areas within an open-plan kitchen.

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These are just four of the popular kitchen flooring patterns available and should none of these suit your design objectives, consult a flooring specialist who can pass on advice on what may benefit the room size, level of footfall, and the overall aesthetic you are aiming for.

Amtico, the luxury vinyl tiling specialist has a room visualizer that allows you to see how the flooring will look in your room before you buy.

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