Apple M3 MacBook Pro gets reviewed (Video)


Apple M3 MacBook Pro gets reviewed (Video)

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Apple M3 MacBook Pro gets reviewed (Video)

Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup has always been at the forefront of combining sleek design with powerful performance. The introduction of the M3 MacBook Pro marks another leap in this journey. This video below e dives deep into the latest M3 MacBook Pro, evaluating its features, performance, and overall value proposition in comparison with its predecessors and the more robust M3 Pro model.

Hardware Differences: A Closer Look

Color and Design: The M3 MacBook Pro maintains Apple’s tradition of aesthetic appeal, offering classic silver and space gray options. Interestingly, the M3 Pro adds a touch of sophistication with its new space black color.

Connectivity and Ports: A notable difference is the port availability. The M3 MacBook Pro is designed with fewer Thunderbolt ports than the M3 Pro and M2 Pro models, allowing charging only on the left side. This change could impact user convenience, especially for those accustomed to more versatile charging options.

Display Innovations: In terms of display, both the M3 and M3 Pro models have taken a step forward with brighter displays. They boast up to 600 nits in SDR, representing a 20% increase from the M2 Pro model. This enhancement promises a more vivid and engaging visual experience for users.

Internal Specifications and Speaker Quality

Speaker Performance: All models come with high-quality speakers. However, the M3 and M3 Pro models edge out with slightly clearer sound and deeper bass, potentially elevating the audio experience for music and multimedia.

Cooling and Storage: The internal makeup of these models reveals some differences. The M3 Pro features two fans compared to the single fan in the M3, suggesting better heat management. Additionally, storage speed variations are observed, with the M3 Pro leading in this aspect, which could be a deciding factor for users with high storage performance needs.

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Performance Face-off

CPU and GPU Capabilities: The 8-core CPU of the M3 closely rivals the performance of the M2 Pro. However, the 11-core CPU of the M3 Pro showcases superior performance, making it a more powerful option. In GPU tasks, the M3 Pro stands out, even surpassing the M2 Pro, which has more GPU cores.

Software-Specific Performance: In software handling, the M3 Pro shows its prowess in Lightroom export speeds and excels in managing Final Cut Pro projects. The M3, however, struggles slightly with export tasks. When it comes to Logic and gaming, the M3 Pro performs slightly below expectations, but still aligns closely with the M2 Pro in gaming performance.

Which One to Choose?

M3 vs. M2 Pro: Considering the performance and features, the M2 Pro might be a better choice over the M3 at the same price point. This recommendation is based on the overall value and utility that the M2 Pro offers.

M3 Pro vs. M2 Pro: The M3 Pro, while providing slightly enhanced performance, may not entirely justify the additional cost over the M2 Pro. The decision here would depend on the user’s specific needs and the allure of new features like the additional color option.


The M3 MacBook Pro, with its advanced display, refined design, and improved audio quality, represents a significant update in Apple’s lineup. However, when it comes to choosing between the M3, M3 Pro, and the M2 Pro, the decision largely depends on individual needs and preferences. Each model has its strengths, and users should weigh these against their specific requirements and budget to make the best choice.

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