Cool Gadgets For Men And Woman From The Future You Can Buy Today!


Cool Gadgets For Men And Woman From The Future You Can Buy Today!

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Gadgets From The Future

Voila!! Smarter than usual life is no more a dream. Amazon gifts the wings to the soar of imagination. With easy availability and affordable prices, Amazon becomes the “Launchpad” for “2050 Life”. World’s largest online retailer company provides a great approach to the futuristic gadgets. These high-tech advances, however, aren’t only for wealthy corporations to enjoy. Many companies are creating innovative gadgets for everyday consumers as well. Anything and everything can be found on Amazon. So said for “Amazon Launchpad”, it provides the platform between companies and daily consumers. We have created a list of most high-tech, futuristic gadgets that you can actually buy on Amazon.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

MAGIC.. MAGIC.. MAGIC.. There is no other word to describe this gadget. This is a simple notebook that you can use to keep your notes. Simple? Really? Of course not! Whatever you write on this notebook can be saved directly to the cloud storage. It could be anything, Google Drive, Evernote, One Note etc. You Just need a Pilot FriXion pen to write on it. But what happens once there is no more space to write on it? No worries you just need to put your notebook in microwave oven and everything on it will be erased. Go ahead and re-read the last sentence. This notebook requires a mobile application that scans the notebook in bat of an eye and uploads it your cloud account.


Laser Keyboard

Truly a head-turning innovation. A keyboard from the future. This one feels like a Doraemon gadget, straight from the 22nd century. A Laser beam projects on any surface and keystrokes record by an inbuilt IR (Infra-Red) transmitter. Keyboard connects with device(phone or tablet) via Bluetooth. A full-sized Qwerty keyboard with 78 keys gives a real-time fast typing. The IR detects your fingers and as per the movement, it analyses and performs the product’s role as a keyboard. The built-in Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery keeps the device lightweight. Must have product for people who are always travelling and always working. Small, powerful, and innovative design gives you a smarter living.

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Spy Earpiece Bug Device

Great news for students! Wink! This mini earpiece is only 2mm x 3mm in dimension. With an earpiece inside your ear, you will be able to hear clearly. This earpiece is very small, so it falls deep into the ear canal close to the eardrum. The sound is clear but not as loud as with normal earphone, so use it in silent and not very noisy place (Examination Hall is a perfect place for its use ???? ). To hear the sound from the ear or to see 2mm earpiece from outside is impossible. No battery is required. Good for Communication for Security, Students, Law enforcement, Private investigators, Business Professionals. This device is also beneficial for the privacy of confidential issues of any organization. mini earpiece

Lazy Reading Glasses

Well said someone, “laziness is the mother of all inventions.” This creation is definitely created by a lazy person. This is something you can never think of. Creative horizontal high definition glasses are invented to bring comfort to your eyes, neck, and shoulders.orizontal high definition glasses

Lechal Smart Navigation Insoles

Turn your regular pair of shoes into smart shoes with this innovative product. These are the insoles that fit in every type of shoe. You just have to install a mobile application and set destination, then let your feet lead you the way. You heard it right. Lechal’s smart pods, embedded and encased in the insoles or buckles automatically pair with your phone via Bluetooth and use haptic feedback (gentle vibrations) to take you places. The shoe that vibrates is the way to go. It also collects other data like calories burnt, distance covered and many more, that will help you be shoes

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NFC Smart Ring

Ever scrabble around for pen and paper or dig your phone from the pocket? Have you ever lost keys, and wonder why we rely on such things?? You don’t have to rely on these materials anymore. Future is here! Unlock your phone, log in to tablets, unlock doors, share contacts, secure passwords, and data with this small adorable ring. The ring is waterproof, wearable whole day. Doesn’t look out of place in the office. The simple elegant design gives powerful look. Fashionable technology is all we need![embedyt][/embedyt]

Drone Camera

Unmanned aerial craft is a revolutionary invention of the mankind. This modern marvel has lot more than it really meets the eye. Durable and sturdy design adds an extra feature to this quadcopter. Comes with Wi-Fi, camera, and blade protector. The flying range can vary from 50-80 meters. Now you can film yourself riding a bike, driving a car and take breathtaking shots of yourself. Unleash the film director hiding in you and do wonders. Night flight function with lights gives flight enjoyment at night. Many drones available online, but we have selected the “Syma x5Hw” as it has better video quality and better fight control and it does not cost much.

SAFER – Smart Jewellery

Gone are those days when you used to worry about your loved one’s safety. Leaf Wearables, a Delhi based company has figured out a way to ensure your loved one’s safety with style. SAFER is a pendant which can do wonders. With fashion, style, and safety, these pendants are the Best gift to your woman, mother, friend or sister. Just a double press on the back side of the pendant and an SOS alert is sent to your mobile. Features include SOS alert, live location tracker, navigation and synchronization with Android. It can be charged with micro USB in just 15 minutes, that can last up to 7 days. This accessory is must have for children and women.[embedyt][/embedyt]

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Roller Mini Car Health & Driving Behaviour Tracking

Roller Mini is a device used to get a detailed information about your vehicle and driver behavior. Have you ever lent your car to someone? If yes, then you might know the pain behind it. Whether the person is driving your car nicely, what speed are they driving, where they are exactly? Questions like these stuck in your head until they return your car in the normal condition. But, you don’t have to worry about this anymore Roller Mini is a device that connects to your car and sends precious data to your smartphone. Data includes your Car’s health, instant alerts if your car has engine problems, battery health, Temperature & Fuel level. Furthermore, it keeps a track on your driving behavior (speeding, hard braking, idling, hard acceleration) & record the data of your trips & show awesome analytics in your Roller app. Now you can have more control over ‘your’ car.


The Future is not that far now. You should buy some of these gadgets to have a taste of future. By far this is our most researched article, so, don’t forget to share your views on this one. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comment section.

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