Name Drop on the iPhone and iOS 17 is secure


Name Drop on the iPhone and iOS 17 is secure

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Name Drop on the iPhone and iOS 17 is secure

There have been a number of reports over the last few days that Name Drop on the iPhone with iOS 17 is not secure, this is incorrect, Apple’s feature on its iPhone is totally secure and does not pose a security risk to you or your information.

Some police departments and news sites in the USA have spread misinformation about this feature on the iPhone and how it works, it has given the impression that contact information is shared automatically when two iPhones are near each other, this is incorrect. The video below from iDeviceHelp gives us more details on the feature and how it works.

The iPhones have to be really close to each other and then a popup will appear, asking you if you want to share your contact details via Name Drop, your contact details cannot be shared with the other person without you giving permission by clicking the prompt.

The feature is turned on by default and the news organizations and police departments who shared the details about the feature, give the impression that your details would be shared with someone else close to you without your permission, this is false and incorrect information. Some of the news reports suggested that information could be stolen from a locked phone, both devices need to be unlocked, really close together, as in almost touching and you have to click the prompt to share your details.

Source & Image Credit: iDeviceHelp

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