How to Activate AI Feature on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones


How to Activate AI Feature on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

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How to Activate AI Feature on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Are you a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user yearning to unlock the full artistic potential of your device’s photos? You will be pleased to know that nestled within your phone is a powerful, yet often overlooked, AI-based feature that can transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary artistic masterpieces. The video below from Sakitech delves into the specifics of this hidden gem, available in Samsung’s OneUI 6.0, 5.0, and earlier versions.

Where to Find This Feature:

Primarily, this feature resides in the Gallery application of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It’s not just another tool; it’s your gateway to a world of artistic expression.

The Art of Photo Transformation:

Imagine taking a regular photo and, with a few taps, turning it into a work of art. This feature allows you to do just that. It’s like having a digital art studio in your pocket. You can take any photo, even a simple selfie, and give it an artistic makeover.

Accessing the Magic:

If you’re using OneUI 6.0, accessing this feature is a breeze. Simply tap on ‘Edit’ in your Gallery app, and then find the four dots at the bottom of the screen. This will open up a plethora of tools, with the ‘Style’ tool being your target, located conveniently on the right side.

Choose Your Artistic Style:

The Style tool is where the real fun begins. It offers a variety of effects to choose from, including color pencil, comic, watercolor, blue ink, pastel, marker, line art, oil paint, cubism, and pen and wash. Each style has its unique charm and can be adjusted for intensity, ensuring your photo perfectly captures your artistic vision.

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Versatility Across Versions:

If you’re using an older version of OneUI, fear not. The process to access these effects may vary slightly, but the feature is still available, ensuring everyone can join in on the creative fun.

Applying Styles to Diverse Images:

The versatility of this feature is truly showcased when applied to different types of images. From landscapes to portraits, watch as your photos are transformed into professional-looking artworks.

A Special Touch for Human Subjects:

For those photos featuring people, there’s an extra trick up the feature’s sleeve. You can toggle the effect to apply selectively to either the person, the background, or both. This selective application can create stunning portraits where the subject and background complement each other beautifully.

Continuous Improvement:

What’s exciting is that this feature isn’t static. It has received updates, adding more styles to its already impressive repertoire. This commitment to enhancement means that the creative possibilities are continually expanding.


Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of this hidden feature, it’s time to explore and experiment. Whether you’re a budding artist, a creative enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a touch of flair in their photos, this feature opens up a world of possibilities. Transform your memories into art and let your creativity soar with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Source & Image Credit: Sakitech

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