Sony PlayStation Portal handheld games console teardown by iFixit


Sony PlayStation Portal handheld games console teardown by iFixit

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If you are interested in learning more about the internal workings of the new Sony PlayStation Portal handheld games console. You will be pleased to know that the team over at iFixit has wasted no time taking their toolkit to the new hardware to reveal its inner workings. Also don’t forget that understanding the repairability of gadgets like the Sony PlayStation Portal and others that iFixit have stripped down to their bare components, can save you time and money and provide more insight into how easily they can be fixed if the worst should happen out of warranty.

Check out the iFixit teardown in the video below on the PlayStation Portal which seems friendly enough from the outside, with no screws in sight to intimidate you. Once you manage to open it, you’ll find yourself carefully unclipping plastic frames. It’s a bit like performing surgery with a steady hand, but it’s doable and marks the beginning of any repair work you might need to do.

Moving on to the DualSense controller, it’s a bit more secretive with its screws tucked away under the L1 and R1 buttons and on the back. You’ll need the right screwdriver to dive in. The back panel might put up a fight with its stubborn clips, but once you’re past that, the front buttons and D-Pad are much more cooperative.

Sony PlayStation Portal teardown

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Now, let’s talk about the joysticks. They’re often the first to show wear and tear, but the good news is that they’re now designed in sections and held together with screws. This is a big improvement over older models where the joysticks were soldered to the board and prone to annoying drift issues.

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If your problem lies with the screen, a bit of heat will help you remove it. But don’t get too comfortable yet—the battery connector is hidden away and requires more disassembly, which could be a bit daunting if you’re not familiar with electronic repairs.

Sony has made battery replacement a bit friendlier by adding pull tabs to the battery. It’s a thoughtful touch that hints at an intention to make repairs easier. However, it’s still not the simplest task and might be a bit much for some.

The rumble packs are another story. They’re soldered directly onto the mainboard, so if they’re causing trouble, you’re looking at a more complex repair that usually involves soldering skills.

As for the USB-C and headphone jack, they’re designed to be modular, which is a plus. But getting to them is another story, requiring quite a bit of disassembly. This could be intimidating if you’re not used to taking electronics apart.


So, what’s the verdict on the repairability of the PlayStation Portal ? They’ve certainly made progress with features like the improved joysticks and battery pull tabs. However, they also present some challenges. Screen replacements and more in-depth repairs involve complicated procedures, and the soldered rumble packs might be a step too far for the average DIYer. If you’re comfortable with disassembling devices and have the necessary tools, you might be able to handle some repairs yourself. But for those tricky issues, especially if they require soldering, it might be best to seek out a professional.

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