Create amazing “Make It More” images with DallE 3 & Midjourney


Create amazing “Make It More” images with DallE 3 & Midjourney

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Create amazing “Make It More” images with DallE 3 & Midjourney

The emergence of a new trend that’s captivating the internet known as “Make it More”. Where the boundaries of AI image generation are pushed to create visuals that are as absurd as they are entertaining. It’s a digital playground where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the results are as unpredictable as they are delightful.

Imagine taking a simple image—a cat, for instance—and asking an AI to enhance its features. But the fun doesn’t stop there. With each subsequent request, the AI takes the cat’s cuteness to new, almost unbelievable levels. This is made possible by the AI’s advanced understanding of context, where it remembers your previous prompts and knows that you’re seeking an increasingly adorable cat. This contextual memory is the key to creating a series of images that become progressively more whimsical.

Make It More images made easy

learn how to combine the powers of both OpenAI’s DallE 3 and Midjourney AI art generator is to create some amazing Make It More images. Transforming mundane everyday images or objects into something amazing.

The excitement grows as you use more imaginative adjectives to challenge the AI. You might say, “make it the cutest cat in the cosmos,” and the AI will respond with images that are as humorous as they are imaginative, perhaps showing a cat with eyes that sparkle like stars or fur that seems to be made of clouds.

Another AI tool, MidJourney, adds a new layer to this creative process. It allows users to take the initial image and explore various outrageous possibilities. This feature encourages users to steer the AI’s output into even more creative realms, resulting in a diverse array of fantastical images.

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The “Make It More” trend has found a natural home on social media, where these AI-generated images are shared and celebrated. It’s a space where users compete to showcase their creativity and humor, leveraging the AI’s capabilities to produce images that are as shareable as they are surprising. This isn’t just a display of AI’s potential; it’s a celebration of human ingenuity in coming up with the prompts that guide the AI.

At its core, the “Make It More” trend is a playful exploration of AI’s creative potential. By using comparative adjectives and understanding the AI’s grasp of conversational context, users can generate a whimsical variety of images that push the limits of the imagination. Whether you’re using ChatGPT DallE 3, MidJourney, or another AI platform, the possibilities are limited only by your own creativity. This is an invitation to share your most imaginative and outlandish AI-generated images and to discover just how far you can stretch a simple concept.

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