Phanteks unveils new NV9 chassis, 5.5 display and D-RGB PC lighting kit


Phanteks unveils new NV9 chassis, 5.5 display and D-RGB PC lighting kit

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Phanteks unveils new NV9 chassis, 5.5 display and D-RGB PC lighting kit

Phanteks, has introduced a new PC chassis and a set of high-resolution displays designed to strike the perfect balance between style and performance, enhancing both the visual appeal and the cooling efficiency of custom PC setups. The centerpiece of Phanteks’ new releases is the NV9 chassis, a sleek and modern case that combines elegant glass panels with an ultra-fine mesh.

The Phanteks NV9 is a full-tower chassis, featuring a stunning near-seamless glass view and support for twelve 140mm fans and triple 420+280 radiators simultaneously. Following the same unmistakable purpose design of the NV7, it highlights the system components with the motherboard at its center. Combined with a strong and defining outer frame it captures and accentuates the hardware components.

Phanteks NV9 PC case

This design is not just about looks; it also promotes superior airflow, keeping your system cool even during intense gaming sessions. The NV9 chassis can house up to eleven 140 mm fans and supports triple 420 mm+280 mm radiators, making it a powerhouse for cooling. It’s also versatile, accommodating a range of motherboard sizes and accessories, and features integrated D-RGB lighting that adds a captivating visual touch to your build.

For those who love to personalize their rigs, Phanteks offers the NV7 and NV9 D-RGB lighting kits. These kits come with magnetic lighting strips that are a breeze to install, transforming your chassis with a personalized and immersive lighting experience that truly makes your PC stand out.

Visuals are a crucial part of any gaming setup, and Phanteks doesn’t disappoint with its two new 5.5-inch displays. Boasting a 2160×1440 IPS screen, these displays deliver crisp and vivid imagery that can enhance any gaming or creative work. The Universal Display offers flexibility in placement, while the Shift XT Display integrates seamlessly with the Shift XT chassis. Both displays are plug-and-play, requiring no additional software, which means setting them up is straightforward and hassle-free.

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Phanteks display

Phanteks has priced these products competitively, ensuring they are accessible to a wide range of users. The NV9 Chassis is set to retail at $249.99, the NV7/9 D-RGB Kit at $59.99, the 5.5″ Hi-Res Universal Display at $109.99, and the Shift XT 5.5″ Hi-Res Display at $129.99. These prices reflect Phanteks’ commitment to providing high-quality components that offer excellent value for money.

The new range of PC hardware from Phanteks is expected to hit the market in mid-December 2023. With its focus on design, cooling, and customization, Phanteks’ latest offerings are engineered to deliver a superior and aesthetically pleasing PC setup. Whether you’re a gamer looking to enhance your experience or a PC builder aiming for a high-performance machine with visual flair, these new products from Phanteks are worth keeping an eye on.

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